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Let's learn about the ecology of the endangered Tokyo salamander that lives in metsä - Part 2 Egg Observation Session - 1

\Let's protect the lives of rare creatures living in metsä! /

Did you know that the Tokyo salamander, which is designated as an endangered species II, lives in Metsä Village, which is surrounded by forests and lakes and is rich in nature? The Tokyo salamander is a living creature that moves back and forth between the forest and the waterside, and in fact, lives right next to our lives.

The eggs are squishy and have a very strange shape.
Let's go into Metsä's backyard, which is usually not open to the public, and investigate the spawning situation near the water, observe other creatures that live near the water in spring, and have fun learning about nature!

Through observation sessions, children can learn about living things and the land in Metsä where they live, which can help children develop respect for the natural environment and how biodiversity conservation activities can help people's lives. Masu.

■Scenes from the first environmental improvement event



Date 2024 years 3 month 23 day (Saturday)
Time 10:00 ~ 14:00
Place Meeting place: metsä village information
Entry fee Adults: 3,000 yen, elementary school to university students: 2,000 yen, preschoolers: 1,000 yen (including insurance fee)
Target: Preschool children and above (If participating is a 3rd year elementary school student or younger, at least one parent must participate)
*Adults who like insects, mammals, plants, etc. are welcome to participate.

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Remarks [Capacity] 25 people *Minimum number of participants: 5 people

[Clothing] Long sleeves, long pants, boots, work gloves

[What to bring] Lunch, drinks, insect repellent, writing utensils, rain gear, change of clothes (please be sure to bring your own as it may get dirty)

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10:00 ~ 10:10
Listen to the explanation of the event from professional wildlife observation teachers and introduce yourself to today's friends!

10:10 - 12:00

Let's observe the creatures that live in the spring metsä!

12:00 - 12:30
Lunch break

12:30 ~ 13:40

Let's observe the Tokyo salamander's habitat and investigate the eggs it laid!

13:40 ~ 14:00
Let's look back on today's day!

Co-host: Mori no Field Gakusha (Morimana)

Morino Field Gakusha is a team that observes, investigates, and researches the nature and living things of Saitama Prefecture, and manages environmental learning events.Through fieldwork, Morimana aims to see nature objectively and from a bird's-eye view, and to enjoy and learn about living creatures from multiple angles. We are also active as a “Saitama Prefecture Biodiversity Conservation Activity Group”.
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