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Ogawa Wine Festival in metsä -2024 spring- 1

\Let's celebrate spring with a rich festival of natural wine and food! /

The ``Ogawa Wine Festival'', an event where you can fully enjoy natural wine, is coming to Metsä, held at Musashi Winery in Ogawa-cho, Saitama Prefecture, the home of organic farming.

It's the season where you can feel the signs of spring, and the attached Moominvalley Park is5On this special anniversary weekend, enjoy two days of natural food and natural wine. Our own grapes are grown completely pesticide-free, without even using Bordeaux liquor.100%Used without supplementary sugarSO2Producing authentic natural craft wine with no additives  Produced by “Musashi Winery”! How about a relaxing weekend where you can enjoy delicious food and shops at natural gourmet restaurants, live music, and workshops with a glass of wine in hand?

Wine entertainer Higuchi-kun (Hige Danshaku) will appear at the opening ceremony! In addition, a large number of natural wineries from all over Japan will gather as guest wineries. A talk event will also be held where winery owners will talk about their commitment!

Date Saturday, March 2024th and Sunday, March 3th, 16 *Events will be held in light rain
Time 10:00 - 16:00
Place metsäaukio nordic square
Entry fee ·free entrance

-[Advance tickets] Great value “premium tickets” that come with special wine x tasting & shopping ticket x original wine glass are now on sale!
"Premium Tickets" that come with event-limited wines for "Ogawa Wine Festival in metsä -2024 spring-" and tasting and shopping coupons that can be used for wine tasting, food purchases, etc. are now on sale! The wine is the original label version of the 2023 Nouveau. This is a rare item that can only be obtained at this event.

① 5,000 yen premium ticket: Limited edition red wine (equivalent to 4,500 yen) + 1,500 yen tasting and shopping ticket that can be used at the wine festival + original wine glass
② 10,000 yen premium ticket: Limited white wine (equivalent to 9,000 yen) + 3,000 yen tasting & shopping ticket that can be used at the wine festival + original wine glass
*Can be used on both March 3th and 16,17th.
*Rental glasses are not eligible for "Tasting & Shopping Voucher"
Remarks Sponsor: Ogawa Wine Festival Executive Committee/Musashi Winery Co., Ltd.

*If you would like to enjoy wine, please come by public transportation.
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Attention point

[Advance ticket] Great value “Premium ticket” that includes special wine x tasting & shopping ticket x original wine glass

Buy here
① 5,000 yen premium ticket: Limited edition red wine (equivalent to 4,500 yen) + 1,500 yen tasting and shopping ticket that can be used at the wine festival + original wine glass
② 10,000 yen premium ticket: Limited white wine (equivalent to 9,000 yen) + 3,000 yen tasting & shopping ticket that can be used at the wine festival + original wine glass
*Can be used on both March 3th and 16,17th.
*Rental glasses are not eligible for "Tasting & Shopping Voucher"

・Up to 6 tickets can be purchased per person at a time.
・Please note that there are no refunds for tickets. If you are unable to attend the event on the day, the wine will be delivered to your home free of charge.
・Wine and shopping tickets will be received at the event venue on the day of the event. We will send you detailed information by email before the event date.
・Premium tickets will be sold at the ticket site Peatix, Musashi Winery online shop, Musashi Winery sales office, and Musashi Winery Ekimae store.

・Tickets will not be reissued or refunded under any circumstances. Also, we will not be holding tickets at the store. Please be sure to complete your purchase by the sales deadline.
・Sale deadline for both Peatix and in-store sales is until 3:15 on Friday, March 17th. (Convenience store/ATM payments close one day before the sale deadline)

The event-limited wine has a special design by popular artist Tomoki Watanabe!

①Limited wine red “KANPAI 2023 limited label” (photo right)
Musashi Winery's 2023 Nouveau Kokoji (red) slightly sparkling wine. Unfiltered and unfined. Beautiful bright dark reddish-purple bubbles, the best taste in the history of KANPAI releases. This is truly a celebratory wine suitable for the first edition of this wine festival!

Grape variety: 100% Kokoji grown in-house from Ogawamachi
Yeast: natural yeast
Alcohol content: 12%
Impression: Ripe cassis, blackberry, raspberry, as well as apricot and plum.
Cuisine: Meat-based Chinese food, Italian food, fried food, etc.

②Limited white wine “Ogawa Yama Sauvignon Blanc de Noris 2021 Mizunara Limited Label” (left photo)

If chilled to below 10°C, you can enjoy a crisp taste, and at room temperature, the aftertaste is long and the pleasant aftertaste of fruit and new oak oak aromas lasts for a long time. With 282 full bottles, this very rare wine and extremely high quality wine is available for pre-sale tickets to the Ogawa Wine Festival, with only 100 bottles available!

Grape variety: 100% Yama Sauvignon grown in-house from Ogawamachi
Yeast: natural yeast
Alcohol content: 12%
Impression: Karin, pear, mandarin orange, ripe figs, incense and vanilla lingering from new Quercus oak barrels.
Dishes: Meat dishes such as kabayaki eel, conger eel sushi, raw oysters, mackerel, or braised pork or tonkatsu

Cheers with Higuchi at the opening ceremony! Also working on “Lake Bottom Aged Wine”!

At the opening ceremony, comedian Higuchi-kun (Hige Danshaku), who is also a wine expert and honorary sommelier of the Japan Sommelier Association, will appear as a special guest!

The lake bottom maintains a constant temperature, pressure, and darkness, making it the perfect place for wine aging. It is said that aging in a cradle at the bottom of a lake surrounded by gentle waves allows the wine to mature faster than in normal storage due to the slight vibrations. At the ceremony, Musashi Winery's flagship wine, ``Kokiko Ogawa 2021,'' will be brewed and aged for a year on the bottom of Lake Miyazawa.

You can look forward to seeing how it tastes after pulling it out.

Date: April 2024, 3 (Sat) 16:11-
Location: metsä Aukio (opening ceremony), Lake Miyazawa (wine sinking at the bottom of the lake)

Musashi Winery's special wine lineup

“Koko Ogawa 2020Extreme”
As the name ``Extreme'' suggests, this wine is made using super-ripe Shokogo grapes that have been harvested to the maximum extent possible, and is aged in new American oak barrels to achieve the highest level of deliciousness.

“Manju Scary 2021”
A fragrant wine with an overwhelming presence of Merlot by blending Little Prince with just a little Merlot.

"Ogawa Koko 2021 Mizunara"
The Japanese mountain grape variety Kokoji is aged in domestic Mizunara barrels. Mizunara, also known as Japanese oak, is a wine for connoisseurs with an oriental aroma and a refreshing taste.

Other recommended wines)
・Ogawa Yama Sauvignon 2022 Blanc de noirs (white stainless steel tank, Yama Sauvignon 100% in-house, completely pesticide-free, white wine made from black grapes) 
・Kokiko Ogawa 2021 (red stainless steel tank, 100% Koukiko, completely pesticide-free, made using the Surlie method)
・Manju Nanmara Scary 2021 Mizunara (Red, domestic Mizunara, 89% Kokoji, 11% Merlot, completely pesticide-free in-house, Surlie method, 2 varieties mixed)
・Kokiko Ogawa 2020 Oak (100% red French oak, completely pesticide-free, aged in old oak barrels, deep concentration and flavor)
・ Cidre2021 (Apple low-malt beer, using fertilizer-free apples from Azuma Town, Gunma Prefecture)

Natural guest winery introduction ① Takeda Winery (Kamiyama City, Yamagata Prefecture)

It is located on a hill facing south, at the foot of the Zao Mountain Range, not far from Yamagata Kaminoyama Hot Spring Village. Since opening in 1920, we have been cultivating grapes and making wine, starting with soil preparation, with the motto "Good wine comes from good grapes."

Natural guest winery introduction ② Coco Farm Winery (Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture)

The mountain vineyard was opened in the 1950s by junior high school students who were bad at math, reading, and writing, and their homeroom teacher. Since its cultivation, herbicides have never been applied. Coco Farm Winery was established at the foot of this mountain in 1980 and began making wine in 1984. Currently, we do not use any chemical fertilizers or herbicides in our own fields, and at our brewery we brew wine from 100% Japanese grapes, focusing on natural fermentation using wild yeast. From sparkling wine that undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle to dessert wine, we listen carefully to the voice of the grapes and have fun making wine, saying, ``This is the type of wine we want to make.''

Recommended wine)
・2019 Petit Manseng Sparkling  
・2022 field notebook   
・2021 first movement

Natural guest winery introduction ③ Villa Dest Garden Farm and Winery (Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture)

Villa d'Esto Winery is a small-scale boutique winery opened in October 2003 by essayist and painter Toyoo Tamamura. We produce elegant, clean, and concentrated wines that reflect the cool terroir of the Chikuma River Wine Valley, and have won the highest gold medal at the Japan Wine Competition and the silver medal at the Decanter Asia Wine Awards. It has won numerous accolades and is considered one of Japan's leading premium wines.

Natural guest winery introduction ④ Okunoda Winery (Koshu City, Yamanashi Prefecture)

Located in the eastern part of the Kofu Basin, the former Okunoda district of Koshu City, Yamanashi Prefecture has a sunny slope and well-drained soil. Okunoda Winery (Okunoda Winery) operates its own farm in this area that is optimized for winemaking, and uses high-quality grapes with a high sugar content to make wine that brings out the natural flavor of the ingredients.

Recommended wine)
・2022 Anemone Chardonnay  
・2022 Anemone Merlot   

Natural guest winery introduction ⑤ Domaine Hide (Minami Alps City, Yamanashi Prefecture)

A boutique winery that specializes in producing red wine from the Southern Alps.
We make wine by following the principles of producing wine from each field, making it naturally according to the moon, and not forcing the grapes to work too hard.

Natural guest winery introduction ⑥ Yosakoi Winery (Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture)

In order to express our local love, ``Kochi love,'' we create unique wines rather than imitating wines we have drunk elsewhere.
We aim to create wines with a strong individuality that could be called ``natural'' rather than the ``branded taste'' of historic regions such as France.

[Talk event] Owners of natural winery brewers talk about their commitment!

Location: Nordic Square *Each session approximately 20 minutes

<March 3th (Sat)>
13:00- <Special Cross Talk> Winery Brewer x Wine Expert
Speakers: Mr. Shun Ikegami (Director of Coco Farm Winery), Mr. Yuzo Fukushima (Representative Director of Musashi Winery)
Interviewer: Higuchi (Hige Baron)

15:00- Coco Farm Winery (Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture)
Speaker: Mr. Shun Ikegami (Director of Coco Farm Winery)
Interviewer: Mr. Yuzo Fukushima (Musashi Winery Representative Director)

<Sunday, March 3>
13:00- Okunoda Winery (Koshu City, Yamanashi Prefecture)
Speaker: Mr. Masakazu Nakamura (Representative Director of Okunoda Winery) & Mr. Akiko (Winery Madam)
Interviewer: Mr. Yuzo Fukushima (Musashi Winery Representative Director)

15:00- Musashi Winery (Ogawa Town, Saitama Prefecture)
Speaker: Mr. Yuzo Fukushima (Musashi Winery Representative Director)

Wine festival only! Special lunch course

A special lunch will be available in limited quantities to enjoy the delicate taste of Musashi Winery's natural wine. Please enjoy the flavorful marriage of wine and dishes that bring out the flavor of the ingredients without adding as much seasoning as possible.

■Course content
Appetizer: Grass-fed beef carpaccio and salad 
Soup: Satsuma black pork pot-au-feu
Main: Grass fed rib eye roll steak  
Rice: Satsuma Kurobuta sushi

■Sales price: 1 yen per person (tax included)
*Same price for adults and children
*Drinks are not included (only drinks purchased in metsä Village can be brought in)

■Time: ① 10:30-12:00 ② 12:30-14:00 ③ 14:30-16:00 (Capacity 10 people each time)

■Location: Hygge Terrace BBQ & GRILL

■Click here to apply
*No allergy-friendly, low-sodium, or low-calorie menus available.
*Advance reservations required (to cancel your application or reservation, please call by 2pm two days before the event). No sales on the day.
*No refunds or cancellations (even if the wine festival is cancelled, we will still provide meals)

Natural gourmet food, shops, live performances, and workshops too!

Location: metsä Aukio, Nordec Square

Unique artists who will enliven the wine festival ① – Naive duo – (acoustic reggae unit)

Performance: 3/16 (Sat) ①11:30 ②13:30

An acoustic reggae unit that excavates sounds from the fields of Higashichichibu Village, the only remaining village in Saitama Prefecture. The groove, which was created completely without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, is loose, slow, and relaxing music that is full of nutrients.

Unique artists who enliven the wine festival ② Negi Page and Negi Rockman Brothers (rock)

Performance: 3/16 (Sat) ①12:00 ②14:00

Fukaya City Unofficial Tourism Ambassador Band. We're singing about love, peace, cats, and beer ♪ We tend to be told to stop drinking all the time and do music, but we appreciate your support ♪ Vocalist Nagayama won Gun TV's Karachan for 3 weeks. He's an interesting person.

Unique artists who enliven the wine festival③Penpepe Triad (JAZZ)

Performance: 3/17 (Sun) ①11:00 ②13:30

Special Jazz Unit was brought together at the request of Dr. Katsuya Ikehara, who is from Okinawa and lives in Ogawamachi. We welcome Gt Mamoru Ihara and Bs Shiki Morohashi, and we will deliver mainly standard jazz.

A unique artist who enlivens the wine festival ④mirei (acoustic)

Performance: 3/17 (Sun) ①12:00 ②14:00

She has been singing for 30 years, has two children, performs XNUMX times a year with a guitar in hand, and writes lyrics.  

Composer activity

Playing sounds from everyday life that are familiar and comfortable, and deep into the roots of the earth


A singer who prays to maintain a deep connection with customers.

Check out Instagram too!

About Musashi Winery

The ultimate natural winery was born in 2019 in the organic village of Ogawa-cho, Saitama Prefecture. They started growing grapes in 2011, and have established a grape cultivation technique that does not use chemical pesticides or herbicides, or even organic fertilizers or Bordeaux liquid, a pesticide approved by JAS Organic. Starting with the Japanese wild grape hybrid variety ``Shokoji'', improved cultivation techniques have also succeeded in growing European varieties such as Merlot without the use of pesticides. Using healthy grapes, we do not add sugar or supplementary acid, nor do we add any antioxidants or straining agents, making truly natural wine that is rare even in Japan.

Profile of Musashi Winery Representative Yuzo Fukushima

After working as a bank employee, he started his own business and turned to agriculture in 2010, realizing the importance of food safety. The keyword is "fermentation." He trained at a sake brewery to study winemaking, and in 2015 he became the chief brewer, applying his skills to winemaking. He is exploring the path to becoming a more evolved ``fermenter'' from a ``brewer'' who makes natural wine and Kimoto Junmai sake.

Special guest Higuchi Higuchi profile

Born in 1974. Born in Fukuoka Prefecture. In 1999, the comedy duo "Hige Danshaku" was formed. In 2015, he was certified as a "Wine Expert" by the Japan Sommelier Association, and in 2020 he was appointed "Sommelier d'Honneur (Honorary Sommelier)." As Hokkaido's ``Yoichi Town Wine Ambassador'' in 2022, he will strive to promote public relations through wine. He is expanding the scope of his activities, centering on the online salon ``Higuchi-kun's Japan Wine Association.'' His book ``Hige Baron Higuchi Talks about the Japanese Wine Salon'' is now on sale.

Limited wine package design Tomoki Watanabe profile

Born in Tokyo in 1980. Picture book author. He presents works such as paintings, birds, and objects, mainly in solo exhibitions. He is busy with activities such as poetry, manga, piano, creating daily calendars, teaching art at welfare facilities, participating in the Tokyo Marathon, and traveling around the country in over 200 hitchhikes. Her ``Pepepe Daily Calendar,'' which is full of sense and humor, is very popular.
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