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This year's metsä Golden Weekis a kids parknight cinema-farmers marketAnd many other events!

Children, adults, and even dogs can play together for a whole day!


Date Kids Park: April 2024th (Thursday) – May 4th (Sunday), 18
Farmers Market: April 4th (Sat) and 27th (Sun)
Night Cinema/Mori no Kitchen Carnival: May 5rd (Friday/Holiday) to May 3th (Sunday)
※ Rain stopped
Time Kids Park/Farmers Market/Forest Kitchen Carnival: 10:00-16:00
Night cinema: 19:00~
Place Kids Park: Nordic Square
Farmers Market/Forest Kitchen Carnival: metsä Aukio
Night Cinema: Special venue in front of Market Hall
Entry fee Admission free
Remarks Night Cinema Name Sponsored by: Embassy of Sweden, Embassy of Norway, Embassy of Finland

Attention point

[Kids Park] Adults can relax by the lake, while children can have fun moving their bodies

A kids park with the concept of ``having fun and playing with your body'' has opened on a lawn area by the lake.
There is no usage fee! Anyone can use it freely.
We have a full lineup of play equipment such as ball pool tents, lawn sleds, and "Kenkenpa"!

[Kids Park] Collaboration content with the movie “Little Ella”

Introducing a soccer goal/flower shop kit based on the main character Ella's favorite soccer, soccer, and the flower shop that appears in the story!
Create memories with your friends while having an experience that makes you feel like you've stepped into the world of movies!

Swedish movie “Little Ella” x metsä Village “BFF (Best Friend Forever) Campaign”

[Kids Park] Satoyama Hammock - Relaxing in a hammock -

Mobile hammock shop. We do not have a physical store, and travel to various locations around the country, mainly opening stores at events.
With consideration for the environment, we mainly create, sell, and hold hammocks in Japan, as well as install them at homes. We are also particular about making repairs and using up leftover yarn.
I would be happy if people's smiles could lead to smiles in the environment. Satoyama Hammock's original adult swing hammock is popular. Please try the swing at least once.

~Workshop contents~
Tenohira hammock 10 minutes 1,000 yen
Children's swing hammock 30 minutes 3,000 yen
Adult swing hammock 60 minutes 4,000 yen
*2 swing ropes 1,000 yen

Date and time: 5/1 (Wednesday) 5/2 (Thursday) 10:00-16:00
Location: Nordic Square


[Night Cinema] Enjoy high-quality Scandinavian movies for parents and children at a lakeside theater

The market hall, where you can enjoy shopping during the day, transforms into a movie theater after sunset.
An outdoor screen has been set up in a lakeside location with a pleasant breeze, and three Scandinavian films from Norway, Sweden, and Finland will be screened on a rotating basis every day.

[Screening film] 5/3 (Friday/Holiday) Constitution Day “Rosband” (Norway/Selected by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology/Japanese subtitled version)

A lovely yet energetic youth music road movie from Norway. ``Rossband Immortale'' is a band consisting of Grimm, a drummer who is saddened by the discord between his parents, and Axl, a guitarist and vocalist who is tone-deaf and has a lot of assumptions. In order to participate in the Norwegian Rock Tournament, Tilda, a 9-year-old cello girl, and Mattin, a famous driver from the neighborhood, head to Tromsø, a town in the far north.
Will the four of them be able to safely reach Tromsø and perform at the rock tournament? Director Christian Loh, who is known as a master of children's films, depicts the film against the backdrop of the rich nature of Scandinavia.

The director's latest work "Little Ella" will be released in theaters on Friday, April 4th.

Director: Christian Loh / 2018 production / 94 minutes / Norway/Sweden / FILMBIN AS © 2018 ALLE RETTGHETER FORBEHOLDT

[Screening film] May 5th (Sat) Green Day “The Movie Nils's Mysterious Journey” (Sweden/Japanese version)

One day, Nils, a mischievous boy who lives in a rural village in southern Sweden, breaks his promise to the fairy Tomte and is magically reduced in size. However, as a result of this, he becomes able to talk to animals, and along with Morten the goose and Carrot the hamster, he sets out on a journey as a member of a flock of geese. Through his adventures, Nils learns courage, responsibility, and cooperation.

A movie version produced in 1980 based on the TV anime series "Nils's Mysterious Journey", which was broadcast on NHK from 1983. Mamoru Oshii also participated in the direction, and it was produced by almost the same staff as the TV anime version, but it has never been shown to the public.

Director: Nagayuki Toriumi, Masami Anno, Mamoru Oshii / Produced in 1983 / 97 minutes

[Screening film] 5/5 (Sun) Children's Day "Comet in Moominland Puppet Animation" (Finland/Japanese dubbed version)

“Adult Puppet Moomin” is now available in an even more beautiful image! This work, supervised by Tove himself, is a beautiful feature-length film that has been color-corrected and re-edited from the TV series produced in Poland from 1978 to 1982.

The original work is ``Comet in Moominland'', which is said to be one of the masterpieces of Moomin stories. A very important work in which Moomintroll, Snufkin, and Snoke's daughter meet for the first time. It is said that the original author, Tove Jansson, loved the work because it is impressive with its beautiful, ``richly colored'' background and carefully crafted accessories, mainly puppets made of felt.

The theme song is performed by Icelandic songstress Björk, and the Japanese dubbed version features veteran voice actors who have appeared in many popular works, including Minami Takayama, Ikuko Tani, and Takashi Nakao.

Director: Maria Lindberg / Produced in 2010 / 75 minutes / Finland, Poland, Austria

Farmers Market - A safe and secure place to shop where you can see the faces of the producers.

For the first time, we will hold an outdoor market where vegetables, flowers, food, and other items made with love by farmers and producers will be gathered.

Date and time: 4/27 (Sat) - 4/28 (Sun) 10:00-16:00
Location: metsä aukio

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"Marugoto Fluffy Strawberry Ori" is available for a limited time only, where fresh strawberries are frozen and shaved whole on the spot from JoumonFarm, a strawberry specialty farm in Moroyama Town, Saitama Prefecture!


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[Forest Kitchen Carnival] 5/3 (Friday/Holiday) CREARE

Pizza made with plenty of vegetables from our own farm is carefully baked one by one on the spot in a wood-fired oven loaded in the car.
Enjoy freshly baked pizza.


[Forest Kitchen Carnival] 5/3 (Friday/Holiday) Spice & Curry Thattukada

Thattukada is an authentic Indian curry kitchen made by the owner from the southern Indian state of Kerala.
We deliver the scent of authentic fresh spices. We also offer children's curry that does not use flour or eggs. Please stop by!


[Forest Kitchen Carnival] May 5th (Sat) Delicious-looking restaurant

This is a delicious-looking restaurant that sells easy snacks and homemade meals made by registered dietitians.
The rice dishes are seasoned with low-sodium soy sauce and salt for a mild flavor.
All of our most popular cheesecakes are made without flour, butter, or white sugar.


[Forest Kitchen Carnival] May 5th (Sat) Hidokebab

We have a variety of menu items that are very popular with children, such as exquisite kebabs made with freshly baked juicy chicken and original kebab sauce, piping hot and chewy long potatoes, and mozzarella cheese dogs!

[Forest Kitchen Carnival] 5/5 (Sun) Blue Tarp FOOD TRUCK

A food truck of the BBQ restaurant "Blue Tarp" in Shimonaguri, Hanno City.
We offer authentic American BBQ dishes, including steaks, on the high-power BBQ grill loaded in the car.


[Forest Kitchen Carnival] 5/5 (Sun) Pizza Truck Iccia

We serve freshly baked pizzas from a truck equipped with a wood-fired oven. You can enjoy the fragrant smell unique to a wood-fired oven and the crispy texture on the outside and chewy texture on the inside.
The most popular is the "whitebait and green seaweed pizza." The scent of the ocean spreads throughout your mouth.

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