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Water Play in Moominvalley 1

The long-awaited new area "Cove Terrace" is now open!
In addition, to help you have fun to the fullest this summer, the summer event "Playing in the Water at Moominvalley" will be held from July 7th.

Based on the theme of "Getting soaked is just right!", we have unique and exhilarating content that both children and adults can enjoy together, where you can have fun until you're soaked from head to toe.
Come to Moominvalley Park for a special experience to make the most of the hot summer!

Date September 2024, 7 (Friday) -October 12, 2024 (Sunday)
Place Have fun in three different water play zones until you're soaked!
Entry fee Children's Support CampaignTarget period: [7/27 (Sat) ~ 9/30 (Mon)]
Night PassTarget period: [7/27 (Sat) ~ 8/25 (Sun)]
Remarks *From July 7th (Saturday) to September 27th (Monday), a special event will be held by the NPO Decent Work Lab."Children's Support Campaign"This event is available for high school students and younger for 500 yen.
*From July 7th (Sat) to August 27th (Sun), Night Passes will be on sale for a limited time on the official online ticket site, Seven Ticket, and Lawson Ticket.
* "Children's Support Campaign" 1-day passes and night passes will be available from July 7stOfficial online ticket site (ASOVIEW!)Tickets will be released sequentially at various play guides.

Attention point

❶ [From Friday, July 7th] Get excited about the new area "Cove Terrace"!
Look for the water column coming out of the Hobgoblin's hat
"Hobgoblin's Magical Splash Zone"

The black top hat that appears in the Moomin novels has the magical power to change the appearance of anyone who puts it inside, and when the hat falls into Moominvalley, a number of incidents occur, including the Hobgoblin's Magic Hat.
This mysterious hat suddenly gushes out a huge amount of water, creating an incredibly impressive sight that's sure to leave you soaking wet and smiling with a smile on your face. It's sure to be a lot of fun!
■Fountain hours: 10:00-17:00

What is "The Cove Terrace"?

With a backdrop of lush forest and lake, it is a pleasant place surrounded by lush nature and tranquil lake scenery where visitors can enjoy the world of the Moomin stories from a new perspective.
This summer, visitors can enjoy playing in the water as a splash zone, and after the summer events, they can come here to relax and spend time with friends and family, providing a soothing experience for all who visit.

❷Soft mist gushes out from the pillars of sunflowers!
Enjoy the water
"Little My Sunflower Mist Zone"

Inside the Emma's theatre tent, "Little My's Sunflower Mist Zone" features soft mist spraying from pillars of sunflowers.
Even small children can safely enjoy playing in the water in the sparkling mist.
Every time the water splashes, smiles spread across your face. Enjoy a refreshing moment as you fully enjoy the coolness and fun of this mist experience, which will make you feel as if you have wandered into Moominvalley.
■Fountain hours: 10:00-17:00

❸ Have fun splashing around in the stream that runs through Moominvalley!
"Splashing Creek"

"Splash Creek" is a zone where you can splash around in the water in the stream that runs through Moominvalley, helping you beat the summer heat.
Surrounded by the beautiful nature of Moominvalley, sparkling soap bubbles fly around in the water and light, creating a refreshing and fantastical scene that makes you feel like you're in a dream.
■Fountain hours: 10:00-17:00

*About using the water play area

・Please refrain from bringing pets with you.
・We may restrict the use of the area without prior notice due to weather or other reasons.
・The fountain is on from opening until 17:00pm, however you can still enter the area after 17:00pm.
・There are specially-designated simple changing rooms. There is a limit to the number of people who can use them at one time, so please be considerate of others when using them.
・Children who are still in diapers should wear swim diapers when using the pool.
・There are no restrictions regarding clothing or footwear, but please be considerate of others and be safe.
・There are no age restrictions for use. Parents are requested to keep an eye on their children while they are using the facility.
・Please refrain from using items that may break or that may cause inconvenience to other customers.

Mysterious mist paths can be found in various places in the Moominvalley area...

Deep in the forest, the mysterious mist path that spreads among the lush trees is a special place that exudes different charms during the day and at night.
During the day, the soft sunlight illuminates the mist, and the reflected light sometimes makes it shine in rainbow colors, while the scent of the trees is carried on the breeze.
It is lit up at night, enhancing the fantastical atmosphere even more.
The mist path leads to the Moominvalley area like a secret gate.

Summer event exclusive!
Moominvalley friends greet you in swimsuits!

Since there is an ocean near Moominvalley, the Moomins are actually good swimmers!
In the summer, the Moomins have great fun and celebrate, and Moomintroll, who boasts about his ability to swim, appears enthusiastically in his swimsuit.
Moomintroll and Snorkmaiden, who caused a big stir last year, are back again this year in swimsuits!
Additionally, Snorkmaiden will be appearing in two different swimsuits: the same one she wore last year and a new version!
Another highlight this year is Moominpappa's first appearance in a swimsuit!

Welcome to a fantastic night! Summer illuminations

The fantastical lighting effects will make the world of the Moomin stories even more fascinating with sparkling light effects.
■ Illumination time: From sunset until closing time

[Simultaneous event] Echoes on a summer night!
"Moominvalley Lakeside Fireworks Festival" will be held every day during the summer vacation period!

On summer nights, fireworks are set off simultaneously from the lake to the tune of Moominvalley Park's original songs, brilliantly lighting up the summer sky with brilliant lights and colors, instantly brightening up the surrounding darkness.
Come enjoy the breathtakingly spectacular fireworks over the lake this summer, with their overwhelming brilliance and brightness filling the night sky.
■Date: May 7th (Sat) - June 27rd (Sun)
*Metsä's Nordic Fireworks 8 will be held on weekends and holidays except for August 18th (Sun), 24th (Sat), and 25th (Sun).
■Event time: 19:40~ (approx. 5 minutes)
■ Details:Click here for the guidelines.

[Simultaneous event] metsä Nordic Fireworks 2024

Enjoy the lakeside fireworks with music recommended by the embassies of Nordic countries!
The 8-minute fireworks display was set to music recommended by the embassies and embassy staff of eight Nordic countries, and was inspired by the colors of each country's flag.
■Event period: July 7th (Sat), 13th (Sun), 14th (Sat), 20th (Sat)
August 8 (Sat) August 3 (Sat) August 10 (Sun) August 11 (Mon) August 12 (Sat)
September 9th (Sat), 14th (Sun), 15th (Mon, Holiday), 16st (Sat), 21nd (Sun), 22rd (Mon, Holiday)
■ Details:Click here for the guidelines.

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