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Moominvalley Lakeside Fireworks Festival 2024 1

Fireworks will be released all at once over the lake to the tune of Moominvalley Park's original song, creating a dazzling display of light and color in the sky.
Its dazzling brilliance illuminates the starry sky, instantly brightening the surrounding darkness at night.

Please enjoy the breathtaking fireworks over the lake, which fill the sky with overwhelming splendor and sparkle.

Date 2024/7/27 (Sat) - 2024/8/25 (Sun)
*Business hours on the day of the event: 10:00-20:00
*Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays except for August 8th (Sun), 18th (Sat) and 24th (Sun)metsä's Nordic Fireworks 2024" will be held simultaneously.
Time 19: 40 ~ (about 5 minutes)
*metsä's Nordic Fireworks 2024" will be held for about 15 minutes.
Place The fireworks will be over the lake, so we recommend viewing them from near the lighthouse or bathing hut in Moominvalley Park.
Remarks *Please note that the event may be canceled due to strong winds, weather, etc.
Please check official X (old Twitter) for cancellation information → @ metsamvp_info

Attention point

metsä's Nordic Fireworks 2024

Enjoy the lakeside fireworks with music recommended by the embassies of Nordic countries!
The 8-minute fireworks display will feature music recommended by the embassies and embassy staff of eight Nordic countries, and will be inspired by the colors of each country's flag.
■ Details:Click here for the guidelines.

~Moomin Day Celebration~ Fireworks Festival

August 8th is "Moomin Day".
A variety of fireworks, including gorgeous dancing star mines and large, blooming flowers, paint the night sky and surface of Lake Miyazawa in vibrant colors in the summer. Fireworks launched from the mountains vividly color the night sky, and the fireworks from the lake are reflected on its surface, creating a fantastic feast of light!
■Date and time: Friday, August 2024, 8, 9:19-40:20 (scheduled)
■ Details:Click here for the guidelines.

[Simultaneous event] Water play at Moominvalley

The theme of the summer event "Playing in the Water at Moominvalley" to help you have the most fun this summer is "Getting soaked is just right!"
The new "Cove Terrace" area has opened, offering unique and exhilarating content that both children and adults can enjoy together, and where you can have fun until you're soaked from head to toe.
■ Details:Click here for the guidelines.
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