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NPO Decent Work Lab presents "Child Support Campaign" 1

NPO Decent Work Lab presents "Children's Support Campaign!

During the campaign, children's 1-day passes are priced at 500 yen!
In addition, junior and senior high school students who would normally be charged the adult rate can purchase one-day passes at the child rate during this period.

This summer, enjoy a special summer at Moominvalley Park, where you can enjoy a variety of fun experiences to create the best memories!

Date April 2024, 7 (Sat) -May 27, 2024 (Mon)
Entry fee Child 1-day pass: 500 yen (tax included)
*Junior high and high school students can also purchase tickets at the child's rate.
*We may ask you to show your student ID.

[Ticket purchase]
Tickets will be on sale at the official online ticket office and various ticket agencies.
Sales start date: July 7st (Monday)
-Moominvalley Park Official Online Ticket (Asoview!)
・Moominvalley Park ticket booth
 Same-day ticket sales time: 10:00 to 1 hour before closing
Remarks This special rate is being offered thanks to a special project by the NPO Decent Work Lab.

Attention point

Special Project: NPO Decent Work Lab Purpose

"We're all different, but we're the same" Come meet your friends at Moominvalley!
We believe that the most important thing for everyone to have a role and work while valuing their individuality is that they have the same opportunities (fairness). Having the same opportunities means starting from the same starting line. We sincerely hope that this project will bring children and young people closer to having the same experiences and opportunities, and that they will be able to spend a memorable and enjoyable time.

About the NPO Decent Work Lab

We are an organization that carries out various activities with the aim of realizing "decent work" (rewarding work that is humane) and "decent roles" for all people.
We believe it is very important that each individual has a role to play within any community or group.
We also create an environment where both the individual and those around him or her can recognize their role.
In particular, we would like to work with many professionals to create "roles" and "jobs" for people with disabilities, who do not currently have a decent work environment, and through these activities we hope to think about "work" for all people.
Our activities include providing support and training for welfare facilities and companies in the employment and support of people with disabilities.
We also plan and manage the welfare facility's manufacturing brand, equaIto, conduct research on and communicate easy-to-understand ideas about working in comfortable workplaces, and plan and run the Tonttu Festival, an opportunity to experience diversity.

Held at metsä Village on Saturday 10th and Sunday 26th October!
Tontu Festival 2024

The theme is "Everyone is different but we are the same"
A festival where people can experience the differences between "myself" and "yourself" and have fun while connecting with each other.
This event aims to promote social inclusion by focusing on social issues, learning about various "differences" and discovering "sameness." You can experience diversity through seven types of content: "Stage," "Marche," "Workshop," "Games," "Sports," "Installations," and "SNS."
By experiencing the content, you can have connections with "people with disabilities" and "social good." We want to create a society where we can live together while recognizing each individual's role and interacting with each other.
It is with these thoughts in mind that we named the festival the Tontu Festival.

[Event Information] Water Play at Moominvalley

The theme of the summer event "Playing in the Water at Moominvalley" to help you have the most fun this summer is "Getting soaked is just right!"
The new "Cove Terrace" area has opened, offering unique and exhilarating content that both children and adults can enjoy together, and where you can have fun until you're soaked from head to toe.
■ Details:Click here for the guidelines.

From the evening onwards, adults can also enjoy great deals!

We also have a great value "Night Pass" available for purchase, which allows you to enter the park from 16:00 p.m.!
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