Saitama prefecture day 11 month 14 day (Thursday) one day limited plan!  First towel 2,000 people will receive a "Moominvalley Park" original towel ♪ 1

11 month 14 (Thursday) is the day of Saitama citizens. In commemoration of this Saitama citizen's day, “Moominvalley Park” is an original to the first 11 Saitama residents who entered “Moominvalley Park” on 14 month 2,000 (Thursday) of this Saitama citizen ’s day. I will present a towel!

This time, the flower “Sakuraso” in Saitama Prefecture was adopted for the design. It's a pretty flower on the banks of rivers and fields in early spring. In Saitama Prefecture, it has been growing naturally along Arakawa for a long time. Nowadays, it is often seen in Tajimagahara, Saitama City, and it is also a national special natural monument. Designed for Saitama Prefecture's Day with the “primrose” and the symbol design of Moominvalley Park.

Enjoy Saitama Prefecture's day at Moominvalley Park ♪

Event Dates 2019 years 11 month 14 day (Thursday)
Time 10: 00 ~ 16: 00
Place “Welcome cove” information in Moominvalley Park
Remarks "Moominvalley Park"
Original towel present!
Number of distributions: First-time 2,000 people
Target Audience: Residents in Saitama Prefecture who entered the Moominvalley Park
* The original towel will no longer be distributed.
* One person will be 1.
* Please present an ID card that can prove your residence in Saitama.
* Original towels (size: 25㎝ × 25㎝) are not for sale.

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