Surugadai University student presents  Let's play in Finland's original sports molek 1
Surugadai University student presents  Let's play in Finland's original sports molek 2
Surugadai University student presents  Let's play in Finland's original sports molek 3

Mölkky is a sport originated in the Karelia region of Finland. It is a sport that can be enjoyed easily from children to the elderly.

The Finnish Morocco is made of white birch, but Hanno City, where Metza is located, is also a production area of ​​Nishikawa timber mainly made of cedar and firewood as a forest cultural city. A Moroc made by students will also appear.

Let's experience the unique “Hanno Moroc”!

* No prior application required

* Only experience sessions, tournaments only, each participation is also possible

[Free Moroc Experience] 2019 / 11 / 24 (Sun), 12 / 15 (Sun)

There are student staff with can badges, so please feel free to contact us.

[Morck Tournament] 2020 / 1 / 26 (Sun)

Purchase an original can badge (300 Yen) to participate in the Moroc Tournament. Free gifts for high scores!

<Our story>
Moomin Monogatari Co., Ltd., which manages metsä, and Surugadai University, Regional development andBased on a basic agreement on collaborative cooperation aimed at improving educationWe are implementing a collaborative program.

This event is held as part of the “Theme Park Practice” class.

Event Dates 2019 year 11 month 24 day (Sun), 12 month 15 day (Sun)
XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day (Sun)
Time 13:00-15:00
Place metsä village Nordic Square
Entry fee 11 / 24 & 12 / 15 trial sessions are free
1 / 26 tournament can be participated by purchasing a commemorative batch (300 yen)

Attention point

About Surugadai University in the same Hanno city as metsä

At Surugadai University, we set up an out-campus study course that fosters the basic skills of working adults by jumping out of university classrooms, learning directly from people who are active in society, working and acting . While cooperating with the local community, we are actively engaged in community development, human development, and manufacturing to revitalize the local community.

<Opened “Sports Science Faculty” at Surugadai University in 2020 in 4 in January>

Surugadai University has established a sports science department that enriches practical learning experienced in sports.
The Faculty of Sports Sciences trains sports people who are active in local communities through learning about sports science.

For more details, see the official website of Surugadai University
URL: refer to the.

Hanno Moroc Club is looking for members!

<Comments from Hanno Moroc Association for event cooperation>

Morook is a sport originated in Finland.
Throwing a wooden stick to the target and accumulating points, but because it progresses while competing with the opponent, the bargaining is very interesting.
It is ideal for recreation because not only adults but also men and women can play.
We at Hanno Moroc Club want to share the fun of Moroc with as many people as possible.


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