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Valentine's Day in Finland is known as "Friend's Day".We would like to express our gratitude to our close friends by sending letters and flowers such as tulips with all our heart.
At Moominvalley Park and metsä village, we have prepared Scandinavian sweets and miscellaneous goods that are recommended as gifts to help convey such feelings of "Thank you, I love you".In addition, this limited-time menu and workshops will also start! Have a fun Valentine's day with your loved ones at metsä ♪

Date January 1th (Sat) -February 18th (Fri)
Place metsä Village, Moominvalley Park

Attention point

[Moominvalley Park] Puff Chocolate & Plush

Moomintroll and her girlfriend Snorkmaiden look like they're on good terms in a cute package with fluffy, melting puff chocolate.In addition, the stuffed animals that are soft and irresistible to the touch are perfect as gifts.
・ Puff chocolate: 864 yen (tax included)
・ Plush toys (S): 2,200 yen each (tax included)

[Moominvalley Park] Heart salmon cake sand

A menu for a limited time until February 2 (Fri) appears with a plump heart-shaped bun! Refreshing salmon cake with dill scent, avocado slices, smoked salmon and rich sand. It is served with cream cheese white sauce, and you can feel a lot of Northern Europe.
・ Drink set: 1,320 yen (tax included) Single item: 990 yen (tax included)
・ Location: Shop & Cafe (Kokemus2F)

[Metsä village] Scandinavian Valentine

We have prepared a lot of chocolates such as chocolates wrapped in colorful cute packages and new chocolates from Finland "Fazer J"! Please
・Time: 10:00-18:00
・Location: metsä hall

[Metsä Village] Workshop "Dry Flower Bottle"

The popular workshop "Dried Flower Light Bottle" will be available in the Valentine version.Fill a bottle with your favorite dried flowers and heart-shaped wood parts to create a single light in the world.
・Time: 10:00-18:00
・Location: metsä hall

[Metsä Village] Scandinavian miscellaneous goods: Fazer milk chocolate

"Fazer" is a famous Finnish chocolate. Gift cans designed to commemorate Finland's 100th anniversary have appeared on a popular milk chocolate that has been loved for many years. In addition, we offer a lot of chocolate.
・ Fazer Milk Chocolate Finland 100th Anniversary Gift Can: 4,860 yen (tax included)

[Metsä village] nordics: Panna cotta apple sauce

This seasonal dessert "Panna Cotta Apple Sauce". We put plenty of apple sauce on panna cotta. Please add a pleasant mood with the sourness of apple and the gentle sweetness of panna cotta.
・ Panna cotta applesauce: 880 yen (tax included)

[Metsä village] ROBERT'S COFFEE: hot chocolate

“Hot chocolate” for Valentine's period only, with cute cocoa powder heart art. Plenty of milk and chocolate sweetness will keep your body and mind warm even in this cold season. Spend a relaxing time while watching the lake.
・ Hot chocolate: 495 yen (tax included) * M size only

[Metsä Village] Sogberg: Workshop “Kukusa Shine”

One of the popular workshops in the canoe workshop "Sogberg" is "Kukusa", a mug made of wood. During Valentine's Day, a limited kit with a heart-shaped handle appears! There are three sizes, large, medium and small. The small size is perfect for pendant charms. Please make your own original kukusa.
・ Guksi polishing kit: 1,100 yen (tax included) ~
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