Marche of forest and lake 9.19sat → 9.20sun 1

A colorful tent, seasonal vegetables and fruits, flowers, cute Scandinavian miscellaneous goods, and take-out food perfect for walking around! "Metsäde Moluk", a hands-on event for sports "Moruk" originating from Finland in Finland, which adults and children can enjoy.Enjoy Nordic Walking!Will also be held at the same time. Enjoy a laid-back weekend, enjoying shopping and gourmet food in the cozy atmosphere of the metsä Village.

■ Flowers
・Flowers, flower seedlings / kukka

■ Foods
・Matcha taiyaki / Musashi Rikyu
・Steak skewers, toriyaki, beer / Matsusaka Shokudo
・Baby Castella / tomateria GOTO
・Deep-fried sauce, flavored potatoes/athlete kitchen
・Kebab sandwich, long potatoes, Turkish ice cream / Happy kebab
・Fried Takoyaki, Mikan Ice / Three A Kitchen
・Roast beef rice bowl, meat wrapped rice ball / MMfarm
・Kezuri strawberry, strawberry cider, strawberry milk / hiro farm
・Sakadaka folic acid egg, chiffon cake, cheesecake / Musashi chicken farm Shiroyama egg

■ Goods
・Leather products for pets / Leather workshop Owl
・Stained glass, fusing glass / K/zoo&Kaziita
・Handmade wooden cutlery, tableware / weekend woodworking

"Forest and Lake Marche"
vol.1 2020.03.20fri → 03.22mon
vol.2 2020.07.18 sat → 07.19 sun
vol.3 2020.09.19 sat → 09.20 sun
vol.4 2020.10.10 sat → 10.11 sun
vol.5 2020.11.21 sat → 11.23mon

Event Dates Marche of forest and lake: Saturday, July 9th, Sunday, July 19th
metsäde moluk: Saturday, July 9 * Scheduled for Sunday, July 19 during stormy weather
Enjoy Nordic walking! : Saturday, July 9
Time Marche of forest and lake: 10:00-17:00
metsäde moluk: 15:30-17:00
Enjoy Nordic walking! : 11:00-12:30
Place Forest and Lake Marche: metsä Village Special Area
metsäde Moruk: Nordic Square
Enjoy Nordic walking! : In front of metsä Village Information (Reception)
Entry fee metsäde moluk: free
Enjoy Nordic Walking: Participation fee 1,000 yen (tax included) Pole rental 500 yen (tax included)
Remarks * We will issue a proof of purchase amount that can be used for free parking tickets.
(Let's enjoy Nordic walking! Only excluded.)
*Information in case of stormy weather In case of stormy weather such as strong wind, the time of the event may be shortened or canceled without notice. For the latest information on the event, please check the metsä official website before visiting.

Attention point

metsäde moluk

Let's play sports "Morook" that can be enjoyed by adults and children originating in Finland from Northern Europe!

[Date] July 9th (Saturday) 19:15-30:17 / Scheduled for July 00th (Sunday) during stormy weather
[Cost] Free
[Place] Nordic Square
[Cooperation] Hanno Maluk Club

Enjoy Nordic Walking!

Why not enjoy Nordic walking originating from Finland in Scandinavia in the lush nature of metsä.

[Date and time] Saturday, July 9, 19: 11-00: 12
[Cost] Participation fee 1,000 yen (tax included) Pole rental 500 yen (tax included)
[Place] In front of metsä Village Information (Reception)
[Organizer] Japan Nordic Walking Association
〔application〕Event pagePlease apply from

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