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Held "metsä Umbrella Sky Design Project 2,000", which is the largest in Japan and has about 2020 colorful umbrellas! This year, the exhibition area will be expanded to two locations, "Moomin valley Park" and "metsä village", and an umbrella corridor with a total length of about 2m will appear.

This year again, Masaru Suzuki, who designs with global brands such as marimekko, will be the art director. At Moominvalley Park, you can enjoy "Moominvalley and Umbrella" with the theme of the sun-driving road, and with metsä Village, you can enjoy "Forest, Lake, and Umbrella."

* Based on in-house research, as of April 2020

From Saturday, July 7th, an event where you can enjoy "coolness" by dropping a large amount of mist "Hattifattener's Lightning Splash!Is started. The mysterious creature of the Moominvalley Hattifattener feels alive when it rains, storms, lightning strikes, and electricity. Would you like to enjoy the rain (mist) with Hattifatteners?

Date ■ From Thursday, June 6 to Sunday, August 04 Moominvalley Park "Moominvalley and Umbrella"
■Saturday, July 7-Sunday, August 18 Moominvalley Park "Hattifattener's thunder splash!"
* A separate admission ticket is required.
■May 5 (Fri)-August 22 (Sun) metsä Village “Forests, lakes and umbrellas”
* Due to the favorable reception, the holding period has been extended.
Remarks The exhibition period may be shortened or changed without notice.

Attention point

Road of the sun

Location: Moominvalley Park

Road of the sun (Hattifattener)

Location: Moominvalley Park

Sunbeam tunnel

Location: metsä village

Limited workshop

■ Let's make my own umbrella!
Build your own umbrella and decorate with original stickers.
[Period] From Thursday, June 6th
[Venue] Paya (Kokemus2F)
[Price] 2,800 yen (tax included)
*Please join small children together with adults.

Limited menu

■ Umbrella Sky Pancake
A colorful pancake that looks like the umbrella sky from directly above.
[Store name] Pancake restaurant
[Fee] 1,760 yen (tax included)

Limited menu

■ Umbrella Sky Fruit Punch
A fruit punch with a refreshing feel that is perfect for the season.
[Store Name] Shop & Cafe (Kokemus2F)
[Fee] 660 yen (tax included)

Message from Mr. Masaru Suzuki, art director

Umbrella Sky, which was very popular last year at metsä, will be held again this year. This time, not only at "metsä village" but also at "Moomin valley Park", it will be the biggest scale in Japan. Umbrellas that are usually used for the purpose of blocking rain. Umbrella Sky is used for decorative purposes with different roles, but I think that "beautiful" and "fun" are also important functions and applications that enrich people's feelings. Please come and visit us to see the umbrellas where you can experience such beauty and fun.
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