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Puzzle solving game "Let's get back Ninny's smile!" 1

Let's enjoy Moominvalley Park while solving the riddles♪
Ninny, the new character from the Emma's theater show, plays the leading role in this puzzle solving game! Please regain Ninny's smile and get the clear bonus pin badge.

A girl named Ninny came to the Moomins. Ninny seems to have disappeared after being bullied by her aunt who lived with her, frightening her emotions. To make Ninny look and smile again, go around Moominvalley Park and make lots of fun memories! Moomins are waiting in various places.

Date 6 month 20 day (Saturday) to 11 month 16 day (month)
Time 販売時間:平日10:00~15:00(最終報告受付時間16:00)土日祝10:00~16:00(最終報告受付時間17:00)
Estimated play time ~ 1 hour
Place Sale place: Beginning shop
Entry fee ASK
Remarks Difficulty level ★☆☆☆☆ (Anyone can enjoy it!)
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