Pets are welcome in the metsä village. 1

About "pet companion" which had many questions,
As we have decided, we will inform you.

"Metsä Village is pet friendly."

If you are the owner, please be careful of other guests and enjoy a time in the metsä village with your pet.

【Ped entry guidelines】

・The metsä villagePets are welcome.

・ When entering the site, please be sure to attach the lead and keep it as short as possible for safety.

・ When entering the facility, please be sure to put it in the case. ※ Large items not included in the case can not be entered.

-Guide dogs, hearing dogs and service dogs are welcome.

・ Please process your pet's feces and take it home. Also, if marked, please rinse with water.

[Other precautions]

・ Please note that this facility can not be held responsible for any problems between customers.

・ We do not allow admission of dogs and dangerous animals.

・ Be careful not to bite other pets or customers.

・ There may be customers who are not good at pets and customers who are allergic to pets. Please give consideration to customers around you.

・ Do not place pets on benches, chairs or tables.

・ If there are pets during the event, you may be required to leave the venue.

・ We do not allow the admission of pets that have not been vaccinated with rabies vaccinations and combination vaccines, and pets that are currently infected.

・ Depending on the condition of the pet at the time of arrival, admission may be refused.

Business hours

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
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Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays

metsä village


Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays


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Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays


*To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, we are operating with reduced business hours.