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Hattifattener's Lightning Splash! 1

■Hattifattener's thunder splash!
Umbrella corridor with a magnificent view of the Umbrella as soon as you pass the entrance to Moominvalley ParkMoominvalley and UmbrellaArea begins. As you walk through the colorful umbrellas, you arrive at a special zone where dozens of Hattifatteners live. A shining lightning rush, and after the sound of thunder, a shower of mist-like mist that softens the summer heat pours out between the Hattifatteners.

The mysterious creature of the Moominvalley, the "Hattifattener," feels alive when it rains, storms, thunder strikes, and electricity. Would you like to enjoy the rain (mist) with Hattifatteners?

■Fountain spot for children to enjoy
In the immediate vicinity of the Hattifattener zone in "Moominvalley and Umbrella," there is also a fountain spot where water rushes from the ground. It is a perfect spot for children who want to play in the water to blow away the summer heat. Please enjoy with "Hattifattener's thunder splash!"

Date XNUM X Month X NUM X Day (Sat)-X NUM X Month X NUM X Day
Time 10:00-17:00 *There may be days when mist does not appear depending on the weather.
Place Moominvalley Park: Welcome cove
Remarks Since the mist is intermittently injected, you can pass through the area without getting wet while the mist is stopped.

Attention point

A mysterious world of natural trees, lakes and mists.
The cool and fun experience of spending time with parents is perfect for summer memories!
Children are delighted too!
Have fun and cool water play in the water fountain area!
How about memories of summer that children can experience and create?
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