On Monday, November 2020, 11, metsä Village will celebrate its second anniversary.
At metsä village, with the feeling of KIITOS! (Thank you in Finnish!), We will hold a "premium lottery" where you can win an assortment of goods from all 20 metsä village stores, and you can use metsä village more profitably. We will issue "2nd Anniversary Coupon Sheet".Please spend your time shopping, gourmet food, activities, etc. in the Scandinavian world view.

Date Premium lottery: November 11th (Sun) -November 8th (Tue)
Coupon book distribution period: November 11st (Sun) -December 1th (Fri)
Place Premium lottery: In front of the market hall

Attention point

2nd Anniversary Coupon Sheet (Surface)

Distribution period: November 11st (Sun) -December 1th (Fri)

Enjoy dining, shopping, and activities with a coupon sheet packed with benefits that will allow you to use metsä village at a great value.

2nd Anniversary Coupon Sheet (Back)

Distribution period: November 11st (Sun) -December 1th (Fri)

[KIITOS! GOODS] Clinta Massage Candle / Body Butter

Store: Scandinavian miscellaneous goods
Price: Massage candle 4,180 yen, body butter 3,080 yen (all including tax)
A special skin care candle that turns the melted wax of the candle into massage oil.

[KIITOS! FOOD] Roasted almond latte

Selling price: 580 yen each (excluding tax) * M size only
Sale period: November 11st (Sun) -December 1st (Thursday)

[KIITOS! WORKSHOP] Dalarna Horse with picture

Store: Sågverk
Selling price: Large 1,100 yen, Medium 880 yen, Small 660 yen, Minimum 550 yen (all including tax)

Win gorgeous goods!Premium lottery

Date: November 11th (Sun) -November 8th (Tue)
Lottery venue: In front of the market hall

During the premium lottery period, customers who spend 2,000 yen or more including tax at metsä village can participate.Please bring the receipt from each store to the lottery venue.
※The photograph is an image.
* Up to 5 times per person.
* The final day of the lottery will end as soon as there are no more prizes.
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