Notice regarding "Go To Event" campaign ticket sales 1

[Updated on Friday, January 1]
Due to the emergency situation, the suspension period of the Go To event campaign will be extended to January 2021, 1 (Sun).Therefore, new sales of Go To event special price tickets will be canceled after 31:2021 on January 1, 8 (Friday).You can use the currently purchased Go To event special price ticket as it is, but please be careful when you come to the park after checking the infection status of the new coronavirus and the instructions from each local government.

[Updated on Thursday, December 12]
この度、政府要請に伴い、2020年12月22日(火)23:00にて、2020年12月28日(月)~2021年1月11日(月)の期間のGo Toイベント特別価格のチケット販売を一時停止します。Go Toイベント一時停止期間外のチケットにつきましては引き続きGo Toイベント特別価格での販売となります。

[Updated on Tuesday, December 12]
From December 12th (Friday) admissionmetsä official websiteAt, you can purchase various tickets for Moominvalley Park admission and adventure walk admission tickets at a special price of "Go To Event" with 20% off.Take this opportunity to enjoy a special experience that can only be experienced at Moominvalley Park in winter.

[Go To Event]
* Go To event is a government project that supports discounts and coupons equivalent to 2% when purchasing tickets related to events and entertainment as part of the "Go To Campaign", an economic measure carried out by the Japanese government. is.
* This ticket is sold only in advance.There is no sale on the day.
* The event period is scheduled for January 2021, 1 (Sun), but the end date may change due to policy changes by the Japanese government.
* For the prices of various tickets, see the metsä official website.Price informationPlease confirm.

Place "Go To Event" Special Price Ticket Sales Site:
-metsä official website
-PassMarket from YAHOO! JAPAN
-EVENTIFY Family Mart
-Seven ticket

Attention point

① Go To Travel

metsä is "Go To TravelIt is a store that handles coupons common to all regions.
■ metsä village
 ☑ Paper coupons can be used.
■ Moominvalley Park
 ☑ Paper coupons ☑ Electronic coupons can be used.
■ The location of this store is Saitama Prefecture.
■ We comply with the guidelines for preventing the spread of new coronavirus infections in amusement parks and theme parks.
■ Responsible person: Moomin Monogatari Co., Ltd. Takashi Senda
* From December 12th (Tuesday) to February 29th (Sunday), the "Go To Travel" regional common coupon cannot be used.Please note.

② Saitama Prefecture Premium Meal Ticket Go To Eat Campaign

In metsä, "Saitama Prefecture Premium Meal Ticket / Go To Eat Campaign"is available.
Period of use: October 2020, 10 (Friday) -March 23, 2021 (Wednesday)
* Some stores are not eligible

③ Gift certificate with Hanno City Premium

In metsä, "Hanno City Premium Gift Certificate"is available.
Expiration date: Saturday, November 2020, 11-Sunday, January 7, 2021

④ Tokutoku Saitama!Tourism coupon

In metsä, "Tokutoku Saitama!Tourism support coupon"is available.
Expiration date: Saturday, November 2020, 11-Monday, March 14, 2021

① ~ ④ When using coupons and cash vouchers

* You cannot change by using the coupon.
* Cannot be used in combination with other coupons that can be used within metsä.
* Regional coupons cannot be used when using the following facilities / services or when purchasing products.
■ common to metsä
・ Vending machine (beverage)
・ Metsä parking lot settlement machine
・ Coin locker
■ Moominvalley Park
・ Transportation electronic money charging machine (information)
・ Ticket vending machines (paid facilities, arcade games)
・ Gacha Gacha, Limited Medal (Starting shop, Main Shop Moominvalley)
・ Post office

Business hours

Moominvalley Park

10:00AM - 17:00PM

10:00AM - 17:00PM

Adventure walk * Enter from the special entrance in the metsä village

17:00AM - 19:00PM

17:00AM - 19:00PM

metsä parking lot

09:30AM - 20:30PM

09:30AM - 20:30PM