We have compiled a collection of answers referring to frequently asked questions.

access ACCESS

About access

How should I go to the facility? arrow

[By train and bus]
・ After getting off at Hanno Station on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line, take a direct bus bound for “metsa” from the first stop of Hanno Station on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line. Bus (Eagle bus operation), get off at metsa stop
・ After getting off at JR Hachiko Line "Higashi-Hanno Station", get off at JR Hachiko Line "Higashi-Hanno Station East Exit" No. 2 stop and get off at "metsa" direct bus (international box office, Seibu bus / Eagle bus service), get off at metsa stop

* "Higashi Hanno Station East Exit"-"metsa" will be closed for the time being. For customers planning to visit "metsa" using "Higashi Hanno Station", we would like to inform you how to move to "Hanno Station" below. Please note that there is no bus service between "Higashi Hanno Station" and "metsa". We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.

■ Access from "Higashi-Hanno Station" to "Hanno Station":
・ When traveling by train
At "Higashi-Hanno Station", transfer to a train for Hanno and get off at "Hanno Station"

・ When moving on foot
About 12 minutes from Higashi Hanno Station to Hanno Station

[When using a car]
・ Approximately 262km from Ken-O Expressway Sayama Hidaka Interchange via Prefectural Road 5.4
・ Approximately 218km from Ken-O Expressway Ome Interchange via Prefectural Road 11
・ About 3.2km from Hanno Station north exit to Miyazawako entrance
* If you use a car navigation system, we recommend that you enter "Miyazawako Entrance", which is the entrance for "metsa".

For detailsAccess pageto see the available categories of products and services.

Is there a free shuttle bus from the nearest station? arrow

There is no free shuttle bus. Paid (200 yen one way) buses operate from Hanno Station and Higashi Hanno Station.
Please check the bus timetable from the access page.

For detailsshop

How long does it take from the “metsa” parking lot to Moominvalley Park? arrow

"Moominvalley Park" is a 15 minute walk from the "metsa" parking lot. Pass through "metsa village" and you will reach the entrance of "Moominvalley Park".
"Metsa" is a large, nature-rich facility on the shores of Lake Miyazawa. The park "Moominvalley Park" consists of two areas.

support To those who need help

If you have a small child

Do you have a nursing room? arrow

metsä village

Available for information.


Available in Information and Kokemus1F.

Is there a diaper changing table? arrow

5 locations are available. (There are 4 locations in the metsa village and 1 locations in the parking lot.)

Can you warm baby food? arrow

Available in the information.

Is it possible to enter with a stroller? arrow

You can enter the park by using the stroller you bring.
* To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases, free stroller rental is temporarily suspended. Thank you for your understanding.

For wheelchair users

Is it possible to enter a wheelchair? arrow

Available. Wheelchairs (manual wheelchairs) can be rented from the information.

Are there some toilets for disabled people? arrow

A multi-purpose toilet is available. (There are 3 locations in the metsa village and 1 locations in the parking lot.)

Do you bring a guide dog? arrow

It is available.

ticket_openhours Ticket · Business hours

About the ticket

Do I need to buy a ticket? arrow

"Metsa village" will be free of charge. You need to buy a ticket to enter "Moominvalley Park".

metsä village

It will be a free facility. There is no need to buy a ticket. You can freely enter.


Ticket purchase is required.
For detailsshop

I have a ticket that allows me to enter the park. Can I purchase only the common ticket for paid facilities? arrow


Tickets common to pay facilities can be purchased at the ticket machine installed in "Moomin valley Park". Tickets cannot be purchased at the ticket booth or online.

Until what time are tickets for the day sold? arrow


"Moomin valley Park" admission ticket purchase time on the day will be as follows due to the change in business hours for the time being from June 2020, 6 (Thursday). Please note.

・ Admission ticket
Weekdays: 10: 00-16: 00
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 10: 00-17: 00

・ 1 day pass
Weekdays: 10: 00-15: 00
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 10: 00-16: 00

How can I pay at the ticket booth? arrow



The QR code screen of the online ticket cannot be displayed. arrow

You can enter the QR code screen of the online ticket even if it is printed at home (home print). If there is no printing environment and the problem persists, please speak to the entrance staff. I will help you.

How do I get a ticket refund for the "Moominvalley Park" park? arrow

■ When purchasing a ticket from the metsa official ticket site
* Ticket refunds during the holidays will be announced separately to eligible customers.

■ When purchasing with various play guides
For refunds for tickets purchased in various play guides, please refer to each play guide.

・ PassMarket from Yahoo! JAPAN

・ Family Mart

Lawson ticket

・ JTB leisure ticket
Please have your ticket handy and contact the JTB HTA Sales Center listed at the bottom of the ticket.

■ “Moominvalley Park” Official Hotel Official Hotel Partner Hotel
Please contact each hotel where you have applied.

"Moominvalley Park" Official Hotel

■ Other
For other than the above, please contact the window you purchased.

About business hours

What time is business hours? arrow

"Metsa" parking lot business hours: 9: 30-20: 30
※「metsa」駐車場は、~6月3日(水)まで、平日・土日祝ともに9:30-18:30、 6月4日(木)以降、当面の間、平日:9:30-18:30、土日祝:9:30-19:30に短縮して営業いたします。

metsä village

10: 00~20: 00


10: 00~18: 00
※「Moominvalley Park」は、6月4日(木)以降、当面の間、平日:10:00-17:00、土日祝:10:00-18:00に短縮して営業いたします。

tour About use in group

About group use

Can I make a group reservation or a bus parking lot? arrow

You can make a reservation.

Reservations are required in advance for both parking and boarding / exiting (including one-way).

Click to make a reservationPlease.

About group useThis pageBut please check it together.

Are there group discounts etc. for Moominvalley Park admission fee? arrow

Excuse me, but there is no discount by the attendant fee or disability certificate other than the group fee.

Can I make a group reservation for paid facilities? arrow

Advance reservations cannot be made in groups. Please purchase a "Paid Facility Common Ticket" at the paid facility ticket vending machine on the day.

Do you have allergy response at the restaurant? arrow

Available for groups,LAGOMThere is no menu for dietary restrictions such as allergies.

Please contact us in advance if you have food restrictions for some of the group customers.

Allergy listAbout group useYou can see more.

Can I use a group of restaurants in Moominvalley Park? arrow

Located in metsa villageLAGOMIs available.

How to useAbout group usePlease confirm.

Is there a place to take a group photo? arrow

There is no place for group photo shooting.
There is a square called Nordic Square in Metsa Village, which has a gentle slope against the backdrop of Miyazawa Lake.
If so, I think it is easy to shoot.
We will consider the surrounding customers and take photos.

【School group】 Is there a waiting place for the lead person? arrow

We do not offer dedicated waiting places.
When crowded, please refrain from waiting at restaurants etc.

【School group】 Can I bring in a lunch box? arrow

It is possible to bring a lunch box to metsa village. (But except in the restaurant)
We do not have carry-on dining space available on rainy days. If you come to the park by bus, please consider eating methods taking into consideration rainy weather, such as eating in a car.
In addition, bringing in a lunch to Moominvalley Park is not possible.

Is it possible to go by microbus or large / medium-sized bus when visiting as a group? arrow

Is possible. However, reservations are required regardless of whether you use the parking lot or get on and off (including one-way transport). When visiting the park by microbus, medium-sized bus, large bus,shopPlease make a reservation.

* Large vehicles (height: 2.4m, width: 2.2m, length: 6m or more) For small buses, medium-sized buses, and large-sized buses, a parking fee of 3,000 yen (tax included) / unit (weekdays, weekends and holidays) We have received.
* It will be an outdoor parking lot. * Please reserve in advance as parking lots are limited.

How long does it take to get to metsa village and Moominvalley Park? arrow

We recommend staying at Moominvalley Park for more than 2 hours and half, and exploring metsa village for 1 hours and a half.

For more information,Information for group useIn the page,"Estimated time required"to see the available categories of products and services.

About the use of a travel company

Can you mail me a brochure? arrow

We do not mail maps or park maps, but you can download them.

About group useto see the available categories of products and services.

I would like to create a tour at a travel agency, is it possible? arrow

Is possible. Please make a reservation in advance.

Click to make a reservationPlease.

About group usePlease check in advance because the usage method is posted on the page.

I would like to visit in advance, but is it possible? arrow

We are holding a monthly inspection, so please join us. Although it is a free inspection, we will guide you including Moominvalley Park.

For detailsTravel agencyWe guide on page. This page is dedicated to travel agencies, soPassword applicationPlease see after finishing.

Schedule of inspection tourTravel agencyPublished on the page as needed.

service Facility use

About payment

Can I use a credit card? arrow

Various credit cards can be used. In addition to the five major international brands (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, Diners), we accept credit cards issued by various credit card companies in Japan. Debit cards can be used as long as they have a brand such as VISA or Master.
* Some credit cards cannot be used at some stores.

Can I use a gift card (a gift certificate)? arrow

JCB gift certificates are available.

※ We may not use depending on store

Can I use electronic money? arrow

Various electronic money is available.

About reservation / inquiry

How should I participate in the workshop? arrow

Workshop pagePlease check more. Some workshops require advance reservations.

I would like to hold an event. Which should I contact? arrow

metsä village

Inquiry formPlease contact us from "About the event".

I would like to hold a workshop. Which should I contact? arrow

Inquiry formPlease inquire from "Others" of

If you bring a pet

Can pets enter the park? arrow

You can enter the park. However, some customers are not good at animals. Please observe the rules so that all customers can use it comfortably.

[About pet admission]

・ Metsa can enter the park with a pet.

・ Be sure to attach the lead and keep it as short as possible for safety.

・ Please process your pet's feces and take it home. Also, if marked, please rinse with water.

・ Please be sure to put in a pet-only carry bag. If you do not enter the pet-only carry-back, you are not allowed to enter or enter the store.

[Other notes]

・ The following facilities are not allowed to enter or enter even if they are in the case. Please use the terrace seats when using the restaurant. Guide dogs, hearing dogs, and service dogs can enter and enter the store.

metsa village: Restaurant building, cafe & miscellaneous goods "nordics", workshop space & cafe "Starbucks"

Moominvalley park: Kokemus, Moominhouse, Oshun Oxtra, Little My play spot, Hobgoblin's zipline reception, Emma's theater viewing area, Hemulen's playground playground equipment

・ Please note that this facility can not be held responsible for any problems between customers.

・ We do not accept fierce dogs or dangerous animals.

・ Be careful not to bite other pets or customers.

・ Do not place pets on benches, chairs or tables.

・ If your pet barks during the event, you may be asked to leave the venue.

・ We do not accept pets not vaccinated with rabies vaccinations or mixed vaccines, or pets currently suffering from infectious diseases.

・ Depending on the pet's condition at the time of visit, admission may be refused.

About bringing in

Is it possible to bring in food and drink? arrow

Moominvalley Park is not allowed. Only metsa village is possible. Please use the outdoors when bringing it.

Is there a coin locker? arrow

metsä village

Next to the workshop space “Craft bibliotek”.

About emergency

Where should I ask for lost items? arrow

Information in the facility orInquiry formPlease contact us from "About Lost and Found".

What should I do if I get sick in the facility? arrow

Please come to the information.

car park About the use of parking lot

How much is the parking fee? arrow

Weekdays: Free
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays and dates determined by the facility: 1 time 500 yen, maximum 1,500 yen
* For details on the day of parking fees,Parking calendarPlease check at.
* Free parking (5,000 yen) will be applied if you use meals or purchases with tax over 0 yen at "metsa village" on weekends and holidays.

Can I reserve a parking space in advance? arrow

Advance reservations are not possible.

What payment methods are available for parking fees? arrow

Please pay in cash on site.

Is there a disability discount for parking? arrow

There is no such thing.

Are there any restrictions (height, width, length, weight, etc.) for parked cars? arrow

It will be as follows.
[Multi-storey parking lot] Height 2.1m Width 2.2m Length 6m
[Flat parking lot] Height 2.4m Width 2.2m Length 6m

A part of the parking lot was damaged when using the parking lot. What should I do now? arrow

Please speak to your local staff. We will do various things.

time Business hours
price Prices
time Business hours

10: 00-18: 00 ※ 5

time Business hours

10: 00-20: 00 ※ 3

price Prices
Parking Lot
time Business hours

9: 30-20: 30 ※ 4

price Prices
Weekdays / 0 yen
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays / Up to 1,500 yen (500 yen / hour) ※ 2
* 1 There are some paid facilities in the park.
* 2 Only on weekends and national holidays, parking fees are free for those who have eaten or shop at 5,000 yen (tax included) or more at metsa village.
※3 「metsaビレッジ」は、~6/3(水)までは、平日・土日祝ともに10:00-18:00、6/4(木)以降、当面の間、平日:10:00-18:00、土日祝:10:00-19:00に短縮して営業いたします。
※4 「metsa」駐車場は、 ~6/3(水)までは、平日・土日祝ともに9:30-18:30、6/4(木)以降、当面の間、平日:9:30-18:30、土日祝:9:30-19:30に短縮して営業いたします。
※5「Moominvalley Park」は、6/4(木)以降、当面の間、平日:10:00-17:00、土日祝:10:00-18:00に短縮して営業いたします。