We have compiled a collection of answers referring to frequently asked questions.

ticket About the ticket

Do I need to buy a ticket? arrow


Tickets must be purchased to enter the paid area "Moomin valley Park". If you wish to experience the paid facilities after entering the park, you can purchase a ticket at the ticket machine in the park.
Free under 3.

Please check below for details of the ticket.

■ Price information

Can I enter Moominvalley Park without purchasing a ticket in advance? arrow


Admission tickets can also be purchased at the Moominvalley Park entrance ticket booth on the day of your visit.

You can also purchase tickets online in advance. Pre-purchase will save you 200 yen, so please use it.
* When purchasing online or at a convenience store, purchase by the day before is required, and only local tickets are available on the day.

■Click here to purchase tickets in advance

Click here for detailed ticket information

Tickets are hard to understand, so please tell me in detail. arrow


If you want to experience the paid facilities in Moominvalley Park, you need one of the tickets below.
・Ticket common to pay facilities (free pass)
・ One-time paid facility ticket (⓵ Little My play spot ➁ Oshun Oxtra)
* From 2021.4.1, "Hobgoblin's zipline" will not be included in the 1-day pass or the common ticket for paid facilities and will be used as a single ticket.

Depending on the situation, tickets are finally distributed in front of the attraction building, but the number is limited and you may not be able to experience the attraction depending on the congestion situation.Please note.

Click here for detailed ticket information

Is it possible to purchase only with the common ticket for "Moomin valley Park" paid facilities? arrow


You can purchase it at the ticket vending machine in "Moomin valley Park". In addition, one-time tickets for each pay facility are also available. However, a separate admission ticket is required to enter the park. Children under 1 are free.

At what time do you sell tickets for the day at the "Moomin valley Park" entrance ticket booth? arrow


・1 Day Pass: Until 15:00
・Admission ticket: Until 16:00
・Ticket for common facilities: Until 15:00
*Tickets common to paid facilities are sold only at the ticket machines in the park.

【Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays】
・1 Day Pass: Until 16:00
・Admission ticket: Until 17:00
・Ticket for common facilities: Until 16:00
*Tickets common to paid facilities are sold only at the ticket machines in the park.

Can I re-enter Moominvalley Park? arrow


You can re-enter. For those who wish to re-enter the park, a "re-entry stamp" will be stamped at the "Moomin valley Park" entrance.
*Currently (as of June 2020), we are giving a re-entry ticket.

How do I pay at the "Moomin valley Park" entrance ticket booth? arrow



・Various credit cards
In addition to the five major international brands (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, Diners), you can use credit cards issued by various credit card companies in Japan.

- Various kinds of electronic money
You can use transportation electronic money such as Suica and PASMO and QR/barcode settlement such as Pay Pay. Please contact us for details as some stores may not be available. An electronic money charging machine is also available at "Moomin valley Park".

Is it possible to buy tickets by phone arrow


Sorry, you can't purchase by phone.
You can purchase it online or at the "Moomin valley Park" ticket booth on the day.

Click here for detailed ticket information

Are there discounts for people with disabilities and seniors? arrow


We apologize, but the price will be a flat rate for all visitors.
Please note.

Do you have an annual passport? arrow


Yes, we do.
* The 2021 annual passport will be on sale for a limited time until August 2021, 8 (Tuesday).

■Click here for details of annual passport

Will the tickets needed to enter the park be sold out? arrow


Although the tickets will not be sold out, ticket sales may be temporarily suspended on the day of the event if congestion is relieved or admission is restricted. Please note.

I purchased an online ticket on a computer, but there is no mobile device that can display the QR code when visiting "Moominvalley Park". arrow


You can enter the QR code screen of the online ticket even if you printed it at home (home print). If you do not have a printing environment and the problem persists, please speak to our staff at the "Moomin valley Park" entrance. I will help you.

What is a common ticket for paid facilities? arrow


What is [Paid facility common ticket]?

This is a free pass ticket for attractions that can only be purchased at the ticket vending machines in Moominvalley Park.
If you enter the park with an admission ticket, you can experience the attraction by purchasing this.
With this ticket, you can enjoy all of the following paid facilities.
* It may not be possible to experience all attractions due to stormy weather or congestion. Please note.

・ Moominhouse 2F & 3F Tour * 1 (Search inside Moominhouse)
・ Little My Play Spot (Theater type that children and adults can enjoy sitting down)
・ Oshun Oxtra (Theater type that children and adults can enjoy sitting down)
・ Muikku Photo (Fun photo shoot with Moominvalley friends at the photo studio)
・ "Trivia Quest -Red-" (Enjoy walking around the park while finding the trivia of Moominvalley Park)

*: Since there are stairs going up and down in the mansion, it may be difficult for people with disabilities to use it.Please note.

service1 Service Information

Directions and Parking

How do I get to "metsä (metsä Village/Moominvalley Park)"? arrow

[By train and bus]
・After getting off at "Hanno Station" on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line, take the direct bus for "metsä" from the 1st stop of "Hanno Station North Exit" on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line (International box office)

Business, Seibu bus, Eagle bus service) and a route bus for "Musashi Takahagi station via metsä" (Eagle bus service), get off at metsä stop

・After getting off at "Higashi Hanno Station" on the JR Hachiko Line, take the direct bus for "metsä" (Kokusai, Seibu Bus, Eagle Bus) from the "Higashi Hanno Station East Exit" No. 2 of the JR Hachiko Line, and get off at the metsä stop.

*As of August 2020, all buses from Higashihanno are not in service.

[When using a car]
・ Approximately 262km from Ken-O Expressway Sayama Hidaka Interchange via Prefectural Road 5.4
・ Approximately 218km from Ken-O Expressway Ome Interchange via Prefectural Road 11
・ About 3.2km from Hanno Station north exit to Miyazawako entrance
*If you are using the car navigation system, we recommend that you enter "Miyazawa Lake Entrance" which is the entrance of "metsä".

For detailshere

Is there a free shuttle bus from the nearest station? arrow

There is no free shuttle bus.

Hanno station,Higashihanno StationThere is a paid (200 yen one way) bus service.
Please check the access page for the bus timetable.

For detailshere

Please tell me the bus time from the nearest station. arrow

The bus timetable ishere

How long does it take from the "metsä" car park to Moominvalley Park? arrow

"Moominvalley Park"It is,"Metsä"It takes about 15 minutes to walk from the parking lot.

If you go down the slope from the parking lot,"Metsä village"And,
If you pass through there and proceed to the back"Moominvalley Park"You will arrive at the entrance.

About payment

Can I use a credit card? arrow

It is available.

In addition to the five major international brands (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, Diners), we also handle credit cards issued by various credit card companies in Japan.
As for debit cards, you can use any card with a brand such as VISA or Master.
*Titanium cards cannot be used.

Can I use a gift card (a gift certificate)? arrow

JCB gift certificates can be used at shops and restaurants within Moominvalley Park.

*Not available at the Moominvalley Park ticket booth or at some of the tenant shops in the metsä village. Please contact us for details.

Can I use electronic money? arrow

It is available.

You can use various transportation electronic money such as Suica and PASMO and QR/barcode settlement such as Pay Pay.
Please contact us for details as some stores may not be available.
In addition, we have a charge machine for transportation IC cards in the information inside "Moomin valley Park".

Do you have an ATM? arrow

I prepared it.

Located near the front entrance of the "metsä Village" Market Hall 1F, next to the "metsä Cafe".
Not available at "Moomin valley Park".

Can I exchange money? arrow

We will correspond.
Please apply at the information of "metsä village" and "Moomin valley Park".

If you have a small child

Is it possible to warm baby food and milk? arrow

metsä village/Moominvalley ParkPlease feel free to contact us for information or to the restaurant staff.

Can I get hot water for milk? arrow

metsä village/Moominvalley ParkPlease speak to the information staff.

Can I enter the park with a stroller? arrow

You can enter the park with a stroller.
However, due to safety concerns, some facilities may not be available inside the building with many stairs and steps.
Please park your stroller in the designated stroller storage area.
In addition, a stroller can be rented for free from the separate information.
Please note that the number is limited.

Do you sell diapers? arrow

We are selling.

metsä Village Market Hall 1F OfMoi saitamaIt is sold at.
Please note that the number of items sold and the size of diapers are limited.

Is it possible to bring baby food? arrow

You can bring your own.

You can bring baby food to the restaurant and enjoy it with the accompanying person.
Please tell the staff when you come to the store.

Is there a kids space? arrow

Located in Kokemus at Moominvalley Park.
*As of August 2020, it cannot be used to prevent coronavirus infection.

Main Shop Moominvalley / Muumilaakso kauppa (Moominvalley shop)
Workshop/Kids space/Paja(Workshop)

Do you have a nursing room? arrow

metsä village
It is in the information.

Moominvalley Park
Information and Kokemus 1F.

Is there a diaper changing table? arrow

metsä village: Nine places are available.

・Parking (in the multipurpose toilet)
・Metsä village information (lactation room, multi-purpose toilet)
・Restaurant building (2F, XNUMXF multipurpose toilet)
・Market building (2F, XNUMXF multipurpose toilet)
・Next to Starbucks (in the men's/women's toilets)

Moominvalley Park: XNUMX locations are available.

・Information (lactation room)
・Kokemus 1F (lactation room)
・Welcome cove toilet (in multi-purpose toilet)
・Emma's theater back toilet (in men's/women's toilets)
・Lonely Mountain restroom (in men's/women's restroom)

Those who need help

Do you bring a guide dog? arrow

Guide dogs, hearing dogs, service dogsRegarding, it is possible to accompany.
If you have any other questions,Contact UsPlease contact

Is wheelchair accessible? arrow

You can enter the park.

If you have any problems, please contact the staff.
In addition, we rent wheelchairs (manual type) free of charge at the information.
Please note that the number is limited.

*Wheelchair users cannot use the stairs in the "Moominhouse" as they can only be lifted and lowered.
*For safety reasons, "Hobgoblin's zipline" is not recommended for wheelchair users. Please note.

Is there a toilet for wheelchair users? arrow

Yes, we do have!

Wheelchair, electric wheelchairWe have prepared a restroom (Ostomate specification) that can be used by those who use and those who need a large space.

5 metsä villages
・Restaurant building
・Market building
・In the metsä village information
・Nordic Square (next to Starbucks Coffee)
·Parking Lot

Moominvalley Park 4 places
・ Welcome cove
・Kokemus 1F
・The back of Emma's theater
・ Lonely Mountain


Is there a vending machine? arrow

Yes, we do have!

Drink vending machines are available in Moominvalley Park, metsä village bus waiting room, and parking lot.

Is there a smoking area? arrow

We have 1 smoking area and XNUMX smoking area in "metsä parking", "metsä village" and "Moomin valley Park". Please note that smoking is prohibited in other facilities.
*Tobacco is not sold in the metsä facility.

Can I charge my mobile phone or smartphone? arrow


You can rent a charger at the information in Moominvalley Park.
*Since information cannot be guaranteed, we do not keep cell phones. Customers are requested to charge themselves on the spot.

In addition, the simple charger is sold at the shop "moisaitama" in the metsä village.
*The number of units sold and compatible models are limited. Please note.Chargers can be rented at the information in Moominvalley Park. * We do not keep mobile phones because we cannot guarantee the information.Please charge it on the spot by yourself.

In addition, "CHARGE SPOTO" is available as a paid mobile battery rental.There are two locations: the Starbucks store space in the metsä village and the pancake restaurant in Moominvalley Park. * You can use it by downloading the dedicated app and registering yourself.                                                        When purchasing, a simple charger is sold at the shop "moisaitama" in the metsä village. *The number of units sold and compatible models are limited. Please note.

Is it possible to send souvenirs, etc. by courier? arrow

I'm sorry.
We do not handle items such as courier service.

service About the use of facilities

If you bring a pet

Can I enter the park with my pet? arrow

You can enter the park with pets such as dogs and cats.
Partner dogs such as guide dogs, hearing dogs and service dogs are also welcome to enter the park.

For details, please see the precautions and precautions for entering the park below.

[Request for admission]
・ Basically, be sure to attach a lead to all pets and keep it as short as possible for safety.
* For dogs, the maximum lead length should be 1.5m.
・Please treat pet dung by yourself and take it home.
If marked, be sure to rinse with water.

・When entering the facility, please be sure to put it in the pet's carry bag for your pet.
If you do not enter the carryback for pets, you are not allowed to enter or enter the store.

・ Do not place pets on benches, chairs or tables.
* When you put it on for shooting, please be sure to lay a cute rug before shooting.

・Pets that have not received vaccinations such as rabies vaccinations and mixed vaccines,
Also, pets with a contagious disease are not allowed in the park.

・ Depending on the pet's condition at the time of visit, admission may be refused.

・Please note that we do not allow vegetarian dogs or dangerous animals to enter the park in consideration of the safety of visitors.
* If you are traveling with pets other than dogs and cats, please contact the metsä inquiry desk in advance.
・For birds of prey such as owls, we ask that you enter them in cages.
*For safety, the lead should be 10 cm from your hand when taking it out of the cage.

[Other notes]
・The following facilities are not allowed to enter or enter even if they have their own bags or cages.
When using the restaurant, please use the terrace seats.
Guide dogs, hearing dogs, and service dogs are allowed to enter and enter the store.

metsä village:
・Restaurant building
・Cafe & miscellaneous goods "nordics"
・Workshop space & cafe "Starbucks"

Moominvalley Park:
・ Kokemus
・ Moominhouse
・ Oshun Oxtra
・Little My play spot
・Hobgoblin's zipline reception
・Emma's theater viewing area
・Hemulen's playground playground equipment

・ Please note that this facility can not be held responsible for any problems between customers.
・ Be careful not to bite other pets or customers.
・If your pet barks during the event, you may be asked to leave the park.

If you have any other questions,Contact UsPlease contact

About bringing in

Can I set up a tent? arrow

We do not allow you to bring in a tent, as it may cause inconvenience to other customers, such as flying in a strong wind.

However, for Nordic Square and Ute Pils in metsä Village, use the sunshade that can be opened and closed with one touch.Summer limitIt can be used with.
* Can be used until the end of September in 2020.

<Available size conditions for pop-up sunshades>
Width 145 x depth 160 x height 110 cm ~ width 165 x depth 150 x height 110 cm

In addition, peg driving is prohibited.
We apologize for any inconvenience that may occur during use, but we ask that you discuss this with other customers.

Is there a coin locker? arrow

I prepared it.
Because there is a limited number, please note.

<metsä village: workshop space>
"Craft Vibrio Tech" *next to Starbucks
・Large 8: width 36 cm x height 80 cm x depth 45 cm
・Middle 12: width 36cm x height 53cm x depth 39cm
・Small 110: width 36 cm x height 32 cm x depth 39 cm

<Moominvalley Park>
"Welcome cove"
・Small 30: width 36 cm x height 29 cm x depth 42 cm

"Little My Play Spot"
・Large 2: width 42 cm x height 89 cm x depth 62 cm
・Middle 6: width 42 cm x height 60 cm x depth 62 cm
・Small 26: width 42 cm x height 36 cm x depth 62 cm

・Large: 800 yen
・Medium: 600 yen
・Small: 400 yen

Can I take a picture or shoot a video with a video camera? arrow


Shooting is possible, but depending on the facility and location, shooting may be canceled at the discretion of the management side.Please note.

・ Unauthorized commercial photography that leads to advertising revenue.
・ Shooting and live distribution that may cause inconvenience to other customers are strictly prohibited.
・ Some customers feel sick.Please be careful not to let other customers appear in the shooting.

Please tell me the playground equipment that should not be brought in. arrow

Please note that the playground equipment described below is not allowed for use in the metsä Village or Moominvalley Park for security reasons.

・Kite, drone, radio control
・Kickboard, bicycle, tricycle (other play equipment with wheels) Segway, etc.
-Hard balls such as soccer balls (soft rubber balls that small children can play), badminton, etc.

For any other questionsContact UsPlease contact us.

Is it possible to use monopods, tripods, selfie sticks, etc. in the park? arrow

Please refrain from using monopods and tripods. As long as the selfie stick folds small and fits in one hand,
You can shoot within the range that does not exceed the height of your head (not limited to height, you cannot shoot with the equipment extended).
If you hold it with one hand and the remaining part of the equipment is too long to hold with both hands, you cannot shoot.

About bringing in

Is it possible to bring in food and drink? arrow

You can bring your own “metsä village” (free area).
If you bring your own lunch, please use the outdoor open space.
At "Nordic Square" facing the lake, you can enjoy family-sized leisure sheets and have lunch like a picnic.
In addition, please refrain from bringing in "Moomin valley Park" in the pay area.

■ Prohibited matters:
・Please refrain from using large sheets such as blue sheets.
・If you get drunk or make a loud noise, it may be a nuisance to other customers, so you may be asked to stop using it at the discretion of the staff.
・You can bring your own water bottle or PET bottle for rehydration at "Moomin valley Park".
In addition, we have vending machines for drinks available in the park, so please use it.
*Food and drinks purchased at metsä Village can be brought into Moominvalley Park.

Facility information

What kind of facility is "metsä"? arrow

"Metsä" is a place where you can relax and feel as if you are in northern Europe.
metsä consists of two areas.

A market where you can enjoy the lifestyle of Scandinavian cuisine,
"Metsä Village" where you can experience activities such as canoeing and workshops.

The theme park for Moomin's novels is "Moomin valley Park".
*"Moomin valley Park" is a paid area.

Please tell me the business hours. arrow

metsä village
Weekdays 10: 00-18: 00 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10: 00-19: 00

Moominvalley Park
Weekdays 10: 00-17: 00 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10: 00-18: 00
*Business hours may differ on days designated by the facility, such as New Year holidays, Obon holidays, and GW. If there is a change in business hours, we will inform you separately on the official website.

How should I participate in the workshop? arrow

Workshops are available at the metsä Village and Moominvalley Park.
Detail is,Workshop page
Advance reservations may be required depending on the experience.

metsä village
You can participate in "metsä Hall", "Craft Bibliotech", "Sogberg/Canoe Studio", etc.

Moominvalley Park
"Moomin valley Park"workshopCan participate in Kokemus 2F Paya.

Please tell me the event information. arrow

Event pageFor the latest event information, visit.

About emergency

Where should I ask for lost items? arrow

Information in the facility orInquiry FormPlease contact us from "About Lost and Found".

What should I do if I get sick in the facility? arrow

First aidWe have a (medical office), so please ask a staff member near you.
Please come to the information in metsä village and Moominvalley Park.

car park About the use of parking lot

Please tell me about parking lots. arrow

Customers who come to "metsä" by car, motorcycle (motorcycle/motorized bicycle), or bicycle can use the parking lot/bicycle parking lot. For details,hereto see the available categories of products and services.

Please tell me the business hours of the parking lot. arrow

Weekdays, weekends and holidays are from 9:30 to 20:00.
*Business hours may differ on days designated by the facility, such as New Year holidays, Obon holidays, and GW.

How much is the parking fee? arrow

■By car
Weekdays: Free
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays and dates determined by the facility: 1 time 500 yen, maximum 1,500 yen
*Please refer to the parking calendar for details on the applicable day for parking fees.

*On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, the parking fee will be free if you use food or shopping for more than 5,000 yen including tax in "metsä Village".
Note: Does not include accounting at “Moomin valley Park”.

■When using a bicycle or motorcycle
Free on weekdays, weekends and holidays

Can I reserve a parking space in advance? arrow

Advance reservations are not possible.

What are the payment methods? arrow

Please pay at the checkout machine (cash) locally.

Is there a discount for people with disabilities? Also, is there a parking space exclusively for wheelchairs? arrow

There is no discount for people with disabilities.
We have a parking lot for wheelchairs.
*If you have any problems, please contact the parking staff.

Is there a limit (height, width, length, weight, etc.) to the parked car? arrow

Parking restrictions are as follows.

[Multi-storey parking lot] Height 2.1m Width 2.2m Length 6m
[Flat parking lot] Height 2.4m Width 2.2m Length 6m
*Parking may not be possible if the size exceeds the above.
Please consider using public transportation.

A part of the parking lot was damaged when using the parking lot. What should I do now? arrow

Please judge the situation, so please do not leave the place and talk to the staff immediately.

Does the charge remain the same even if the product is temporarily shipped? arrow

Temporary shipping is not possible. The parking fee will be charged again.

I want to know the congestion situation of the parking lot arrow

Excuse me for more details on the dayInquiry windowPlease contact us. In addition, if it is too crowded to park, we may inform you through official SNS.

Is there a charger for electric vehicles? arrow

We have 3 cars in the flat parking lot and 2 cars in the multi-storey parking lot.
Please note that the number is limited.
*One time/1 yen (normal charger)

If you have any questions, please contact the local parking staff.

Can I park my camper? arrow

If the car exceeds 2.4m in height, 2.2m in width and 6m in length, it cannot be parked as a regular car.
Please make a reservation in advance for the parking lot for large vehicles. (1 yen per unit)
At the same time, please consider using public transportation.

Can large vehicles be parked? arrow

You can park.

Advance reservations are required for large vehicles. (1 yen per unit)
This is an outdoor parking lot for large vehicles only.
Please note that parking is limited. Reservationhereから

tour About use in groups

About group use

Can I make a group reservation or a bus parking lot? arrow

You can make a reservation.

Advance reservations are required only for parking and getting on and off.


About group useherePlease refer to the page for details.

Are there group discounts etc. for Moominvalley Park admission fee? arrow


A group rate is available for groups of 15 or more.
For group discounts, reservations are required in advance.
*Excuse me, but there is no discount based on the disability certificate, and everyone will be charged a flat rate.

For more information on group discountshere

Can I make group bookings for attractions? arrow


Group reservations are not possible. Please purchase a "common ticket for paid facilities" at the attraction ticket machine on the day.

Do you have allergy response at the restaurant? arrow

I'm sorry. We do not have a menu for dietary restrictions such as allergies.

If you are a group customer with dietary restrictions, please consult in advance,
You will need to bring your own.

Allergy listhereYou can see more.

For any other questionsContact UsPlease contact us.

Can I use a group of restaurants in Moominvalley Park? arrow

Group bookings are not possible at the restaurants in Moominvalley Park, only LAGOM in the metsä village can be pre-booked for groups.

How to Use:About group useYou can check on

Is there a place to take a group photo? arrow

There is no place for group photo shooting.
There is a Nordic Square in the metsä Village, a plaza with a gentle slope against the backdrop of Lake Miyazawa.
If so, I think it is easy to shoot.
Please take a picture of your surroundings.

【School group】 Is there a waiting place for the lead person? arrow

I'm sorry. There is no dedicated waiting place, etc.

【School group】 Can I bring in a lunch box? arrow

You can bring your own lunch into the metsä village. (However, except inside the restaurant)
There is no food and drink space available for use on rainy days.
If you come to the park by bus, please consider a meal method that takes rain into consideration, such as eating in the car.
If you bring your lunch to Moominvalley ParkPlease refrain.
*You can bring your own water bottle.

How long does it take to metsä Village and Moominvalley Park? arrow

We recommend staying at Moominvalley Park for at least 2 hours and exploring the metsä village for 1 hours.

For more information,About group usePlease refer to "Guide for approximate time required".

About the use of a travel company

Can you mail me a brochure? arrow

I'm sorry. We do not mail facility maps.

I'm afraid,About group usePlease download more map data.

I would like to create a tour at a travel agency, is it possible? arrow

Is possible.
Advance reservation is required.


How to useAbout group useIt is posted on the page. please confirm.

I would like to visit in advance, but is it possible? arrow

We hold monthly inspection tours.
Although it is a free tour, we will guide you including Moominvalley Park.

For details, see the travel agency page.
This page is for travel agencies only, so please make sure you have applied for a password in advance.

hereWe will guide you to the bottom of the page.

The schedule of the tours is also available on the travel agency page.

. Other


I would like to hold an event in "metsä". Who should I contact? arrow

Please contact us from "About event" in the inquiry form.
Click here for contact form

I would like to hold a workshop in "metsä". Who should I contact? arrow

metsä village

Please contact us from "Other" in the inquiry form.
Click here for contact form

About the surrounding facilities

It may have been reflected when the media was shot. .. .. arrow

When shooting the media in the park and the official shooting,
It may be subject. These are some media media and homepages,
It may be posted on SNS and advertisements. Please note.

If you have any questions, sorry to trouble you,
Please contact the following inquiries.

■ metsä contact

Tove Jansson Akebono Children's Forest Park is located in metsä? arrow

It is a facility in Hanno City, and is a different place from metsä.
893-1 Aso, Hanno-shi (become Hanno citizen stadium, Surugadai University)
TEL: 0429727711 Closed: Monday (If Monday is a holiday, the following weekday)
About 20 minutes by taxi from metsä 1200 yen to 1500 yen
Nearest station: Bushi or Motokaji station 

About facility

How big is the park? arrow

The site area is as follows.
"Metsä": 23.6㎡ *The entire area does not include the water surface
metsä Village: 16.3㎡
Moominvalley Park: 7.3㎡

Sound walk

About Sound Walk Overview

How long does it take? arrow

It will be an experience of about 45 minutes

Can I enjoy it with my pet? arrow

You can enjoy it.However, pets are not allowed in the building contents (excluding guide dogs, hearing dogs, and service dogs).

Can I enjoy it in a wheelchair or stroller? arrow

You can enjoy it.However, we may refuse admission with a stroller for some contents in the building.

Can I enjoy the app on a future phone (feature phone)? arrow

We're sorry, but you can't enjoy it on devices that don't have the Locatone ™ app.

Is there a free wifi spot in Mettsa Village? arrow

It's a shared spot, but there's a metsa free wifi near the metsä village and Moominvalley Park information.
We recommend downloading the app and content data in advance under a Wi-Fi environment such as at home.

Do you have a smartphone for rent? arrow

There is no rental of terminals.

About the Locatone app

It's the second time, but I can only hear BGM arrow

Start the tour and press the reset button at the top left of the screen.
(Experience history remains)
* If you press reset during the tour, you will return to the beginning of the tour and play from the first spot.

The story doesn't play, what should I do? arrow

To enjoy using the Locatone ™ app, you need to enable the location information (GPS) of your smartphone and the Locatone app, and enable Bluetooth.
Please check if this is enabled.
If it is enabled but does not play, try restarting the app or restarting your device.

How do I download the app? arrow

You can download it by searching for "Locatone" on the App Store or Google Play.
* There may be additional communication costs.

How do I enjoy the content in the app? arrow

After downloading the Locatone ™ app, you can experience the story by selecting "Sound Walk ~ Spring Search ~" from the "Moominvalley Park" channel.
Before starting the tour, tap the tour data download button on the tour information screen and download the tour data in advance so that you can enjoy the content comfortably.
* We recommend downloading in a Wi-Fi environment.
* To use the tour data pre-download function, please make sure that the Locatone ™ app is the latest version.

Which smartphone is compatible? arrow

It can be used on smartphones with iOS 11 or higher and Android 6 or higher.However, please note that it may not work on some models.Wi-Fi models are not supported on tablet devices, and iPads are not supported.
* We recommend using a device that allows mobile communication, but if the device has the app installed, you can also experience the tour with WiFi or tethering.
During the tour, the content will be played using the location information of the smartphone, so please allow access to the location information when using the app.
* There may be additional communication costs.

How much does the app's mobile traffic take? arrow

If you download the co-tour data in advance, it will be around 10 to 20MB, and if you enjoy it by streaming as it is, it will be around 50MB.
* As a guide, communication charges may vary depending on the terminal you are using.

Can two people use one smartphone? arrow

In order to enjoy the world of Moomin's story more, we recommend that you listen to each person with earphones.
It is possible to enjoy in speaker mode, but in that case, please be careful about the volume to the people around you.

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