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With your precious pet

At metsä (metsä Village / Moominvalley Park), you can enjoy walking, dining, shopping, etc. with your precious pet.
Please spend a relaxing time in the wilderness surrounded by forests and lakes.
* Please see the bottom of the page for facilities and stores that can be entered.

“Utepils Dog Run” spreads out on the lakeside

A dog run that strengthens the bond between dog owners and their dogs.

In addition to the approximately 500 square meter dog run space, there is also private picnic seating where you can dine with your dog without a leash.Spend some time in an open space surrounded by forests and lakes and create irreplaceable memories with your dog!

Dog run space admission fee: 1 yen per dog + 700 yen per owner
*Prices may change when events are held.
*Closed in case of rain

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A boat on the lake that you can enjoy with your dog "Wanwan-go"

The island boat "Wanwan-go" that can be boarded with all dogs, small, medium and large.Easy to operate with one handle.Even first-timers can board with confidence.

Take-out menu purchased in metsä Village can be brought in!Please use it for a small party as well as a picnic time with your dog.

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Requests for pets

Please check the following contents so that visitors can spend their time comfortably, such as consideration for surrounding customers and requests for admission to facilities and stores with pets.
・ Please be careful not to cause any inconvenience or danger to the customers around you.
・ Be sure to attach a lead and keep it within 1.5m in length.Long leads can interfere with the passage of other customers.
・ Please refrain from leaving your pet's side or connecting to store entrances, trees, fences, etc.If necessary, use the installed lead hook.
・ Pet feces should be processed by the owner before being taken home.If marked, rinse with water.

Facilities / stores that can be entered

■ metsä village
For indoor stores, please use pet cages and carts and enter without showing your face.
* Excluding guide dogs, hearing dogs, and service dogs

□Admission OK area
・Market hall
・Viking Hall 1st floor
・metsä hall

□Entry prohibited area
・Viking Hall 2nd floor “LAGOM”
・ Nordics

□Request to customers traveling with dogs
・Please be considerate of other customers.
・Only dogs that have received vaccinations such as rabies vaccination and mixed vaccines within the past year are allowed to enter.
・Entry will be refused if discipline or sanitary conditions are inadequate, if there is any behavior that is a nuisance to other guests, or if the facility deems it inappropriate to use the facility.
・This facility is not responsible for any accidents or disputes caused by dogs in the facility, such as bites, injuries, deaths, bites of others, damage to property, claims for damages, etc.
 Owners are responsible for their own management, and we ask that customers resolve the issue themselves.
・If you enter the museum, we will assume that you agree to all of the above requests.

■ Moominvalley Park
□ Shop / Beginning store,Little My store,Post
・ Please use a doggie carry or a carry bag that can cover the head completely.Please refrain from entering with pets.
* Excluding guide dogs, hearing dogs, and service dogs

□ Restaurant / Lettula Lounge,Restaurant Moominvalley
・ Only terrace seats are allowed in the restaurant.
・ Do not allow pets to climb on terrace tables, chairs and benches.
・ Please do not let your pet touch the tableware and cutlery on the table.


・ At this facility, we are not responsible for any troubles between customers regarding pets.
・ If you do not follow the requests and manners from this facility, you may be refused admission.
・ Pets that have not been vaccinated against rabies vaccinations and mixed vaccines or pets with infectious diseases are not allowed to enter the park.
・ Depending on the situation, you may be asked to leave the park at the discretion of the on-site staff.
※Detail is"FAQ."
* If you have any questions, please contact us in advance.Contact UsPlease check in "".

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