-Imagine ramblingly or think of someone.Move your favorite things and what you want to do obediently-
This is the way Moomins live.

Exhibition facility from Saturday, July 2021, 7 KOKEMUS (Kokemus)A new exhibition "Moomin's Dining Table and Convivial Exhibition-Eating, Living Together-" will be held at.

The English word "convivial" means "banquet," "feast," and "symbiosis," and you can see that eating and drinking and living together are connected. .."Convivial" also means that the atmosphere is cheerful, friendly, and comfortable.
Various foods appear in the world of "Moomin" throughout the seasons, but the environment and feelings surrounding them are truly full of "convivial".
In a modern society where diverse values ​​are next to each other, the way of life of Moominvalley's friends who somehow coexist while keeping each "individual" firmly, and the concept of "convivial" Is full of suggestions for living in the coming era.
An exhibition where you can feel a warm and warm feeling through Moominvalley's rich food culture centered on the food of the blessings of nature in each season and the appearance of Moominvalley's friends relaxing in harmony. We will deliver the meeting.

The world's first "Parafernaria" related to the author is coming from Finland!

As one of the reproductions of the "convivial" scene, the miniature tool collection "Parafernaria" produced and collected by the author Tove Jansson and his partner Tuulikki Pietila was lent out for the first time from the Moomin Museum in Finland, and is the world's first. It will be unveiled. Twenty "Parafernaria" selected under the theme of "food" came to Japan, and the reproduction of the dining scene composed of Atelier Fauni, who is said to be a "phantom Moomin doll", is a unique exhibit. It becomes.
At the same time, we will also exhibit valuable collections and art works that make you feel "convivial".

Photo: This is an image material using "Parafernaria" from the Moomin Museum, which is different from the "Parafernaria" that is actually exhibited.

Photo: Tove, the creator of "Parafernaria," and his partner Tuulikki

An interactive device that you can enjoy with all five senses is also available!

Reproduction of the wild moonshine brewing machine "Manhattan Dynamite" manufactured by the mischievous Stinky, introduction of Moominvalley Park's original song "Okkii Ringo no Uta", photo spots with Moominvalley's friends, etc. You can also enjoy the "listening" and "participating" gimmicks.

Know the commonalities between the foods related to the author's hometown Finland and the foods of "Moomin"

The composition of the exhibition is the original art of "Moomin" that invites intellectual curiosity, the perspective of seasonal food that feels "convivial" from the symbolic "words", and the author who is deeply connected to the story of Moomin. We select from foods such as "coffee", "jam", and "pancakes" that symbolize Scandinavia, our hometown.We will explore "food" from various aspects, including a corner where you can learn about Finland's rich food culture.

The limited-time menu of "apples" that you can enjoy together with the exhibition is back on request!

■ Apple cheese groggy

The performance ended in March 2021 in connection with the corner introducing "apples" and "apple cheese" related to the original in the exhibition. Emma's theatreThe popular menu "Apple Cheese Groggy", which is an arrangement of "Apple Cheese" that appears in the lines and lyrics of the show "Girl Who Knows Courage ~ From Moominvalley Friends ~", is back!
"Apple cheese (apple sauce)" * 1 drawn in the story of the girl "Ninny" appearing in the hot drink "Groggi" * 2 that is drunk in winter in Scandinavia is arranged in the Moominvalley Park style. It's an apple cheese groggy.
Enjoy the harmony of spicy groggy and light apple cheese in a mug of Ninny from the Finnish ceramic brand "Arabia".

Selling price: 650 yen (tax included)
Sales location: KOKEMUS 2F Cafe (KAUPPA & KAHVILA)

* 1 Finnish name for berry-based drinks containing spices such as cinnamon and cardamom
* 2 The notation of "apple cheese" is translated from the original English version of "apple cheese" in "Invisible Child" of Moomin's original novel "Moominvalley's Friends" (Kodansha, 1979 first edition). Did.After that, the notation "apple cheese" was used in repeated reprints, but in the new edition published in 2020, it became the notation "apple sauce".The language "äpplemos" is also called "sylt" (jam), so it is a thick sauce with flesh that is close to "pure".

Limited time workshop

■ Moominvalley Park original badge making

The main art version of the new exhibition will be released for making badges that can be easily handmade by children and adults alike. A scene from the story that symbolizes "convivial" is designed in chic colors.

Selling price: 500 yen (tax included)
Sales location: KOKEMUS 2F Paja

Industry-academia collaboration

Under the guidance of Professor Mami Adachi of the University of the Sacred Heart, who supervised the exhibition in English, the English commentary and captions for the exhibition were produced by the Master's Program in the Department of English Culture and Communication, Faculty of Contemporary Liberal Arts, University of the Sacred Heart. We also cooperated with the "Corporate Cooperation through Translation" and "Translation Theory and Practice I-1" classes.

Even after the start of the special exhibition, we plan to carry out industry-academia collaboration activities such as planning an English commentary event for the exhibition as a student intern. Moominvalley Park will also strive to provide younger generations with new opportunities for inspiration and learning, and to provide them with opportunities for growth.

Exhibition overview
Moomin Dining Table and Convivial Exhibition-Eating, Living Together-

Venue: Moominvalley Park Exhibition Facility KOKEMUS 2F Special Exhibition Area
Implementation period: Saturday, July 2021, 7 to late October 10
Special cooperation: Moomin Museum / Tampere Art Museum (Moomin Museum, Finland), Moomin Characters Oy Ltd. (Moomin Characters Finland)      
Japanese supervision: Mayumi Tomihara (Professor Emeritus, University of the Sacred Heart)  
English supervision: Mami Adachi (Professor, Department of English Culture and Communication, Faculty of Contemporary Liberal Arts, University of the Sacred Heart)
Cooperation: Finland Center, Visit Finland (Finnish Tourism Board), University of the Sacred Heart, Faculty of Contemporary Liberal Arts, Department of English Culture and Communication, Master's Program in English and English Literature, "Corporate Cooperation through Translation", "Translation Theory and Practice I-1" Class
Planning cooperation: S2 Co., Ltd.
Sponsored by: Finnair, Finnair Cargo     
Sponsored by: Embassy of Finland in Japan, Hanno City, Hanno City Board of Education, Hanno City Finland Association

In the future, goods and limited menus related to the special exhibition will also appear!Details will be announced on this page.

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