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Moominvalley Park is a museum-like facility where you can learn about nature while feeling close to it.

Moominvalley, where the Moomin family and their unique friends live
Nature, which is sometimes harsh but undecorated,
Through the lush forest, the nature of Lake Miyazawa, the story of Moomin and the life of the author
The theme of Moomin's work is "diversity," "tolerance," "family," "love," "friendship," and "respect."
It is designed so that you can learn through your five senses.Please use it for school trips and off-campus learning.

Discover and grow at Moominvalley Park. "It's really just around the corner, just unnoticed happiness."

Moominvalley residents who gently snuggle up to you as you are
Take a look at Moominvalley's life
Take a little courage and try new things
Keep an eye out for small flowers and insects that you don't usually care about
Celebrating the changing seasons
Moominvalley Park is a small but important place to discover

MOOMINGLISH, an active learning kit that makes learning English fun

New for schools and educational groups!
An English learning kit that can only be experienced at Moominvalley Park

Developed "MOOMINGLISH: Into Moominvalley Park", an active learning kit that allows you to learn English and grammatical expressions related to Moomin while walking around Moominvalley Park, which is rich in nature, in collaboration with the University of the Sacred Heart. .

Of the two sides, it consists of Moominpappa (basic level) and Snufkin (advanced level), and participants choose one side according to their English level and start.The "pair work quiz" in the kit is a question to work with other participants to find the answer.Through cooperation with peers, you can learn cooperation and communication.

① You can experience different English levels with one kit
(XNUMX) You can cultivate cooperativeness with interactive questions that work together to derive answers.
③ In addition to learning English, you can cultivate morality by learning the themes of the Moomin stories.
④ Memories can be preserved with the included original ballpoint pen

■ Sales price: 500 yen (tax included) *Original ballpoint pen included
■ Duration: about 60-90 minutes
■ English level (approximate)
 Moominpappa Edition: Elementary school upper grades to junior high school basic level
 Snufkin Edition: Middle school to high school basic level

Please check the page about group use such as how to apply.
Information for group use

Learning points to learn at Moominvalley Park

"International Andersen Award" winner and creator of Moomin
Get to know "Tove Jansson"
Experience museum type exhibition facility "Kokemus"

The facility "Kokemus", which means "experience" in Finnish, is
You can learn deeply about Tove Jansson (1914-2001), a writer who won the "International Andersen Award", which is the most prestigious international children's literature award, also known as the small Nobel Prize, through images and illustrations.

Tobe has a life philosophy of "work and love" in the rich nature of Northern Europe Finland and the background of the turbulent times, and puts "love" and "work" on the important things and lives honestly with himself. As an artist, her life was full of passion, curiosity, and love for the little ones.
In "Moominvalley's Gallery," you can feel that the unique characters have the tolerance to accept each other's differences and that they can live with their own ideas and values. There are many valuable illustrations and introductions of the words, and there is also a reproduction of delicate frescoes.

The exhibition texts are written in Japanese and English under the supervision of English, and can be used for learning English.

Special exhibition for a limited time
"Moominvalley's Happy Lifestyle Exhibition"

[Holding period] Saturday, November 2022, 11 to late November 19 (Scheduled)
[Venue] Moominvalley Park Exhibition Facility KOKEMUS 2F Special Exhibition Area

Happiness is shaped and felt differently.

Surrounding yourself with things that matter to you, eating delicious food, and spending time with your family, each happiness requires a “living” that forms the core of the surrounding environment and space.The depictions of buildings, the thoughts and commitments of each character, and the lives of the Moomin family and their friends are studded with hints for a comfortable and rich life.

In this special exhibition, the Moominhouse, the lighthouse, the bathing hut, Emma's theater, Snufkin's tent, and other buildings that have been reproduced based on the original work in Moominvalley Park, as well as the interior decorations and environments that surround them. We will introduce the way of life through the original words, illustrations, videos, photos, reproduction corners, etc.

You can not only see it, but also relive the world view of the story at the theater corner "Moominpappa's study" and the photo spot "Little My Room".

"Moominhouse" where you can feel the life of the Moomin family

The Moomin house, which was created based on the original story, is a place where you can feel the breath of the Moomin family.Moominmamma's handmade jams are also placed on the first basement floor.The furniture and accessories used are furniture purchased in Northern Europe and Europe, mainly in Finland, so you can learn a different sense of life from Japan.


Learn more about Moominvalley Park!

A trivia quest that lets you learn more about Moominvalley Park and the Moomin monogatari, Ltd. while solving mysteries is perfect if you want to take a closer look after you get home.
On the way, "Special Trivia Quest" and "Last Quest" whose answers change every day will also appear.Quiz tips can also be heard from the attraction stand staff.

Trivia Quest --Red-

Original brand "Ethical Choice" that is kind to the earth and people

The brand was born because of metsä, which is surrounded by the rich natural environment of forests and lakes.We believe that ethical and sustainable efforts that symbolize the global environment, people, society, regions, biodiversity and SDGs are indispensable for the identity of the facility.

Comprehensive efforts to develop in-facility production environments, foods, products, materials, and services based on ethical and sustainable choices (selection) that do not impose a burden on the human body or the environment, not just tangible and intangible Will be accompanied by the "Ethical Choice" logo.

Ethical Choice


Moominvalley friends coloring box 700 yen(tax included)

[Group limited sale / advance reservation system] [Recommended for later learning]
It is a kit to assemble a box by coloring illustrations of Moominvalley friends.You can also use it as an accessory case.Make your own lovely box!

*Not sold at Moominvalley Park shops.Please inquire at the time of group reservation if you wish.

Moominvalley living 1,650 yen(tax included)

[Recommended for souvenirs]
Enjoy the story of Moomin based on the Moominvalley Park diorama.
This is a picture book limited to Moominvalley Park.

Flower crown 660 yen(tax included)

[Recommended for photography]
An item to enjoy inside Moominvalley Park.
How about as one of your memories?

Fees, applications, inspections

Group rates apply when using the park for school trips, excursions, etc.

Applications can be made by group reservation.
You can apply directly or from a travel agency.
Please check the page about group use such as how to apply.

Information for group use

Free tickets are available for school groups only on weekdays for up to 3 people (teacher only).Please contact us at least one week before your desired date.

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