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Moominvalley Park Benefits Services Moi Club

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Hanno City with abundant nature

Located on the shore of Lake Miyazawa

"Moominvalley Park" at a special discount price

This is a welfare service available.

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About the benefits of Moi club

XNUMX No registration fee or annual membership fee
There is no burden on the company such as "registration fee" and "annual membership fee".

XNUMX Start with simple registration
No complicated procedure required! Registration is completed simply by applying from the Web or filling out the required items on the prescribed registration form.

XNUMX Easy to use
You can easily enter the park by purchasing a ticket and presenting the screen on your smartphone ♪

XNUMX Purchase a ticket at a preferential price
Tickets can be purchased at any time at a special discount price!In addition, there are coupons that are even more profitable for a limited time!

XNUMX Information on participation in special event experiences
There is also a chance to experience the event to be held in advance or specially!

XNUMX Mets A Village Coupon Book Present
Present the member-only screen to receive a "coupon book" that can be used within Mets A Village

How to use

How to register for Moi Club

Please fill in the required items on the specific form for the person in charge of benefits.
The secretariat will inform you of the URL and password of the site for purchase.Registration is now complete.

We are currently accepting applications!

Registration form

It is also possible for the sales representative to explain.
please feel free to contact us.
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Contract conditions (basic conditions)

Limited to companies / organizations with 50 or more members.

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