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Original brand "Ethical Choice" that is kind to the earth and people

The brand was born because of metsä, which is surrounded by the rich natural environment of forests and lakes.We believe that ethical and sustainable efforts that symbolize the global environment, people, society, regions, biodiversity and SDGs are indispensable for the identity of the facility.

Comprehensive efforts to develop in-facility production environments, foods, products, materials, and services based on ethical and sustainable choices (selection) that do not impose a burden on the human body or the environment, not just tangible and intangible Will be accompanied by the "Ethical Choice" logo.

The first "Apron as many times as you want"

"Apron as many times as you want" is a new product that you can enjoy as a set by ordering the new kids menu "Kids Meal Bucket" at Moominvalley Park.We named it because we want you to use it repeatedly at home after enjoying your meal at the park.

-Paptic's material "PAPTIC", which is characterized by its strength that enables reuse, its supple and gentle touch, and its coexistence with nature.
・ The world view of the author Tove Jansson, who created the story of "Moomin", which is the theme of Moominvalley Park and expresses forgiveness and diversity.

Based on these two values, which have a background in Finland, which is an environmentally advanced country, we have repeatedly discussed with ITOCHU Corporation and have adopted and developed it.

The artwork uses a precious pattern designed by the author Tove himself, and will appear as "Tove's original 1st edition".

・ Paptic
・ Ethical Choice
・ Moominvalley Park

Along with the above three logos, the design of the design of the Moominvalley friends who spend their time in their own way will add color to the holiday time when you spend time with your important family.

The "Kids Meal Bucket" menu, which is packed with children's favorite foods, includes hamburger steak, spaghetti, bread, colorful vegetables, and today's soup.You can take out and enjoy it outdoors.The Moominhouse bucket, which is the case, is also a standard product that boasts the deep-rooted popularity of Moominvalley Park.This can also be used repeatedly.

Selling price: 1,500 yen (tax included)
Sales location: KOKEMUS 1F Restaurant Moominvalley (Muumilaakso Ruokala)
Sales start: Saturday, September 9

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