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Original brand "Ethical Choice" that is kind to the earth and people

The brand was born because of metsä, which is surrounded by the rich natural environment of forests and lakes.We believe that ethical and sustainable efforts that symbolize the global environment, people, society, regions, biodiversity and SDGs are indispensable for the identity of the facility.
Comprehensive efforts to develop in-facility production environments, foods, products, materials, and services based on ethical and sustainable choices (selection) that do not impose a burden on the human body or the environment, not just tangible and intangible Will be accompanied by the "Ethical Choice" logo.

[Fieldwork] Let's protect the lives of rare creatures living in metsä!

The first fieldwork event to learn about endangered species together with living creature observation professionals, "Let's learn about the ecology of the endangered species Tokyo salamander living in metsä - Environmental maintenance edition -" will be held on Saturday, November 1, 2023. Held on.
Learn about the Tokyo salamander, which has a special ecology, and create an environment that is easier to live in.We plan to hold an egg observation event in the spring after spawning.
We work together with living creature observation professionals to create a natural environment that is comfortable for living creatures such as the Tokyo salamander, and for us as well.

■First event report

The second fieldwork event to learn about endangered species, ``Learn about the ecology of Tokyo salamanders, an endangered species that lives in Metsä - Egg observation event,'' is scheduled to be held on Saturday, March 2, 2024.
In the first part, we will investigate the spawning situation at the waterside where the environment was prepared with a professional wildlife observation expert.
While experiencing the lives of endangered species that live near us, we also observe other creatures that live near water in spring, and have fun learning about nature.

2nd event page

[metsä bee project]

Realizing a recycling-oriented society together with honeybees.
Through beekeeping, with the rich nature of Lake Miyazawa as a backdrop, we are working to make our guests feel an understanding of biodiversity and respect for nature.

[UPCYCLE PROJECT] Limited sale of umbrellas used in Umbrella Sky reborn as bags

In the material, "Moominvalley and UmbrellaThe colorful plastic umbrellas that were exhibited at ” are collected and reused on the entire surface.PLASTICITY's unique material "GLASS RAIN material" is created by disassembling and washing vinyl umbrellas and stacking them in multiple layers. Various colored vinyl umbrellas are pressed into 4 layers.As a result, even umbrellas of the same color have different appearances, making it a one-of-a-kind item that allows you to enjoy the variations in the texture of each color umbrella.Due to the characteristics of the material, it is resistant to water and dirt, so you can use it without worrying about rainy days, and at only 1g, it is a mini shoulder bag that you will want to carry around for daily use.

■ Product name: Mini shoulder bag
■ Sales price: 5,940 yen (tax included)
■Size: H130mm×W210mm×D10mm
■ Sales location: Moominvalley Park Main Shop Moominvalley,PLASTICITY Official Online Store
■ Sales start: November 2022, 11 (Thursday) ~
* Limited quantity, will end as soon as it runs out
*Items with the Moominvalley Park logo are sold only within Moominvalley Park.

PLASTICITY is a brand that has been on sale since April 2020, and all products are completely recycled from plastic umbrellas that are discarded or stored as forgotten items and then eventually discarded.In order to make the most of the characteristics of the umbrella material, such as waterproofness and maintainability, we have developed a unique processing method that stacks and presses multiple layers in the same state.Furthermore, by creating a rain pattern in the processing process, we have completed a product with a unique texture not found in other products.From the collection of vinyl umbrellas to the sewing of finished products, every single detail is done by hand, and PLASTICITY's products are created through human intuition, craftsmanship and the desire to cherish materials. will continue to be used.

<Mondo Design Co., Ltd.>

[SUMMER ART FESTIVAL] Let's make your own Moominvalley with traditional handmade Japanese paper

■ Washi making workshop by a craftsman instructor
We will call a craftsman from Ogawa Town, Saitama Prefecture, which is the production center of the handmade Japanese paper "Hosokawa Paper *" registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, to make traditional handmade Japanese paper (nagashi).Make your own original piece by decorating it with Moomin characters and natural leaves.

Schedule: July 2022th (Sat), 7th (Sun), 16th (Mon), 17th (Sat), 18st (Sun), 30
Venue: KOKEMUS 2F "Kids Space"
Sales price: 1,000 yen (tax included / 350 yen excluding shipping)
* Since drying work is required in the workshop, the completed work will be delivered by mail at a later date.
How to apply: Reception starts at 10 o'clock on the day, and information will be provided in sequence depending on seat status.

Hosokawa paper is the highest quality and finest Japanese paper among the traditional handmade Japanese paper "Ogawa Japanese paper" made from kozo.Ogawa Washi is said to have a history of about 1300 years, and is currently handed down in Ogawa Town and Higashi Chichibu Village in Saitama Prefecture.It has the toughness unique to unbleached pure Japanese tissue, and has a simple yet lustrous luster. The texture is tight and the paper surface is not fluffy, and it has a rigid and elegant taste.

[SUMMER ART FESTIVAL] Coloring the dining table by making woodwork products-A workshop to learn various "differences" and find the "same"-

[Lecture for people with disabilities to "polish" as a professional instructor]
A workshop where people with disabilities become instructors and teach carefully and happily how to polish wood as a professional.The instructor, Obusuma Welfare Association, is a group of professionals who make wooden products.Carefully cut the wood one by one, polish it to the extent that it feels like this!This time, we will make a "coaster" and a "cutting board" using Nishikawa wood from the local Hanno city.Please experience "polishing" together and listen to stories from people with disabilities. "What is your disability?" "What kind of work do you do?" "What do you like?"For the final finish, apply natural paint and you're done!This workshop should be full of wonderful manufacturing and encounters with people.

Schedule: July 7th (Friday) August 29th (Saturday)
Venue: KOKEMUS 2F "Kids Space"
Sales price: Coaster 500 yen, cutting board 2,000 yen (tax included)
Application method: Advance reservation system (first-come-first-served basis)

[Lecturer information: Social welfare corporation Obusuma Welfare Association "Hanno Office"]
It is a welfare office where people with disabilities make woodwork products using local Nishikawa wood (sugi and cypress).Through production activities, we provide training necessary to improve the knowledge and abilities necessary for finding employment in general companies. In 2013, we launched the brand furniture "OBUSUMA" together with contemporary furniture writers and designers, including peripheral accessories.We carefully create one product so that we can deliver the warmth of wood.

[Sales event will be held at the same time at metsä village! ]
A sales event for products made by people with disabilities working at welfare offices will be held at the same time in metsä village next to Moominvalley Park.

"Find it!Connect!"Summerton to Market" -Handmade accessories for welfare-
Date and time: Saturday, May 2022, 8 27: 10-00: 18
Venue: "Craft Vibrio Tech" in metsä village
※Detail isplease use this form.

[Tonto Festival *]
This workshop and sales event will be held as a spin-off event of the "Tonto Festival" planned and implemented by the NPO Decent Work Lab.

Tontu FestivalAnd
An event with the theme of "# Everyone is different but the same", with "surprise" for various people, including people with disabilities, to get to know each other.Through various encounters and experiences, we are preparing a lot of gimmicks to know the "difference" and find the "same".

A spoon that can be eaten quickly "PACOON"

The only raw materials for "PACOON" made from domestic vegetables, domestic wheat, and additive-free natural ingredients are wheat flour, sugar, eggs, and vegetable powder.It is also important to chew firmly to foster the "biting habit" that is indispensable for activating the brain, health of the oral environment, and promoting gastrointestinal function.An "edible spoon" that combines deliciousness and functionality.
For the taste, we chose beets that are rich in nutrients such as potassium, betacyanin, dietary fiber, and oligosaccharides, and are often eaten in Scandinavia, the hometown of the creator of "Moomin."

PACOON is a product born from the thoughts on food education and environmental issues.A colorful and cute spoon-shaped cookie that fosters children's interest in vegetables.
After eating, you can eat even a spoon, so you can discover that "garbage will be reduced!", And promote the reduction of disposable plastics, which is a global issue, and the opportunity to raise eco-consciousness. And also boosts health.
The design incorporates the "Hattifattener" into the package because the slender handle of the spoon is reminiscent of the mysterious creature "Hattifattener".

Product name: "PACOON" beet flavor
Selling price: 1 yen per bottle (tax included)
Sale period: June 2022, 6 (Sat) ~
Sales location:Food stand "Pical Oka"

[FOOD] Soy meat ball waffle
"Soy meat ball waffle" that looks like ice cream with soy ball and tartar sauce made only from plant-derived ingredients in a waffle cone.Enjoy a soft and healthy soy meat ball and a gem that will satisfy your stomach and heart with a photogenic appearance at PACOON ♪

Sales price: 600 yen (with "PACOON" including tax)
Sales location:Food stand "Pical Oka"

[3rd Anniversary Special Kite] Japanese kite making workshop

To commemorate the 3rd anniversary of Moominvalley Park, we will hold a workshop on making traditional Japanese kites.This is a special workshop filled with Scandinavian values, Moomin's worldview, and traditional Japanese techniques that lead the way in tackling environmental problems.
-Adopts "PAPTIC", a material from Finland's Paptic, which has a supple and gentle feel and aims to coexist with nature.
・ Two types of Moomintroll and Little My, which also appear in the Moomintvalley Park logo, are expressed in traditional Japanese color schemes.

Celebrate your new start by completing a handmade kite with Moominvalley friends in the spring sky of the 3rd anniversary of Moominvalley Park!

Selling price: 3,300 yen (tax included)
Sales location: Hemulen's playground
Sale period: Saturday, March 2022, 3
※For more informationplease use this form.

Shopper as many times as you like

As many times as you like, Shopper is a shopping bag that you can buy when shopping at Moominvalley Park.We named it because we want you to use it repeatedly in your daily life, even after you take it home as a gift for your loved ones or as a souvenir of your own.
-Paptic's material "PAPTIC", which is characterized by its strength that enables reuse, its supple and gentle touch, and its coexistence with nature.
・ Values ​​with Finland as the background, which is the home country of the author Tove Jansson and is also an environmentally advanced country.
Based on the above, we have been in discussions with ITOCHU Corporation and have been hired and developed.

The design uses artwork that the popular character Little My breaks through the paper.This artwork was also used as a commemorative artwork for the opening of Moominvalley Park.To commemorate the shopper's debut-Grand Opening, this artwork is back at Moominvalley Park.
Photo: A signboard with limited artwork that appeared until March 2019 when it opened.

The back side is an original design with Little My footprints and graffiti mischief.A flat string with a durable handle is used so that it can be used daily. We hope that you will be able to incorporate "Shopper as many times as you like" into your daily life items, receive power from the energetic Little My, and spend your days positively.

Selling price: 300 yen (tax included)
Sales location: Moominvalley ParkEach shopAt
Sales start: Friday, December 2021, 12

Apron many times

The apron is a new product that you can enjoy as a set by ordering the new kids menu "Kids Meal Bucket" from Moominvalley Park.We named it because we want you to use it repeatedly at home after enjoying your meal at the park.
-Paptic's material "PAPTIC", which is characterized by its strength that enables reuse, its supple and gentle touch, and its coexistence with nature.
・ The world view of the author Tove Jansson, who created the story of "Moomin", which is the theme of Moominvalley Park and expresses forgiveness and diversity.
Based on these two values, which have a background in Finland, which is an environmentally advanced country, we have repeatedly discussed with ITOCHU Corporation and have adopted and developed it.

The artwork uses a precious pattern designed by the author Tove himself, and will appear as "Tove's original 1st edition".
・ Paptic
・ Ethical Choice
・ Moominvalley Park
Along with the above three logos, the design of the design of the Moominvalley friends who spend their time in their own way will add color to the holiday time when you spend time with your important family.

[FOOD] Kids meal set
Kids' meal, which is packed with children's "loved" menus, comes with an original design souvenir plate as a set!Enjoy the feeling of Moominvalley Park at home.
*Limited souvenir plate with apron as many times as you want

Sales location: KOKEMUS 1F Restaurant Moominvalley (Muumilaakso Ruokala)
Sales period: From Wednesday, August 2022, 8

[FOOD] Kids meal bucket
Kids' meal bucket filled with children's favorite foods includes hamburger steak, spaghetti, bread, colorful vegetables, and today's soup.You can take out and enjoy it outdoors.The Moominhouse bucket, which is the case, is also a standard product that boasts the deep-rooted popularity of Moominvalley Park.This can also be used repeatedly.

Selling price: 1,500 yen (tax included)
Sales location: KOKEMUS 1F Restaurant Moominvalley (Muumilaakso Ruokala)
Sale period: Saturday, September 2021, 9 to early May 11

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