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The theme of the new Moominvalley Park is "Well-Being"!

We are pleased to announce that the theme of "Moominvalley Park", which will be reopened on December 2021, 12, will be "Well-being", and that it will be renewed according to the theme and will be reborn as a heartwarming place.

Moominvalley Park's idea of ​​"Well-Being" is "to maintain a comfortable state of mind and body."Here are some of the renewal points of Moomin, the hometown of the author Tove Jansson, Finland, and the new Moominvalley Park, where you can relax through nature and smile your body and soul.

"Lettula Lounge" filled with the scent of freshly baked cinnamon rolls

The "Pancake Restaurant" will be reborn as the "Lettula Lounge".

You can buy delicious bread including cinnamon rolls in the store.You can relax in the spacious store, look out over the nature-filled Lake Miyazawa, or relax in the hammock on the terrace.

"Library Cafe" with an array of Moomin-related books

The 2nd floor "Shop & Cafe" of the exhibition facility "Kokemus" is now a "Library Cafe".

Moomin-related books are lined up on the newly built bookshelf.Only Moominvalley Park has books related to Moomin so far.In addition to Moomin-related books, we also have a full lineup of books related to Finland.You can also enjoy board games like a Finnish library.

"Kids space" where you can play and learn with your children

The 2nd floor "Workshop" of the exhibition facility "Kokemus" is a "kids space" where you can learn and play with your children.

In the room, we will prepare toys, soft blocks, picture books, etc. for young children to tickle the intellectual curiosity of small children.Workshops such as storytelling of picture books are also planned, and it is a place where you can learn while playing through Moomin's world view.

A place where you can meet more Moomins!

Until now, I had few chances to meet Moomins, but after the renewal, I will be able to meet Moomins at various places in the park!At the new Moominvalley Park, you'll feel closer to the Moomins.

Easy-to-understand price!

Two types of tickets, "1 day pass" and "admission ticket", will be available only for "2 day pass" from December 12th (Friday).The selling price ranges from 10 yen to 1 yen, making it easy to purchase.Also, from December 4,200th (Friday) after the renewal, you will be able to purchase the "3,200 Day Pass" at metsä Village Information.

[Price Information]
■ From December 12th (Friday)
Adults (junior high school students and above) Advance sales 3,000 yen Regular sales 3,200 yen
Children (4 years old and over, elementary school students and under) Advance sales 1,800 yen Regular sales 2,000 yen

* Free for children under 3.
* All prices include tax.
* Tickets from December 12th (Friday)Scheduled to be sold from 11:11 on Thursday, November 16th.
* Since the number of regular tickets sold on the day of admission is limited, it is recommended to purchase advance tickets.
* The "Digital Annual Passport" and the "Admission Ticket" invitation ticket within the applicable period can be used as a "12 Day Pass" from December 10th (Friday).

■ Facilities that can be used with the "12 Day Pass" from December 10th (Friday)
・ Story door
・ Emma's theater
・ Exhibition facility "Kokemus"
・ Moominhouse
・Little My play spot
・ Oshun Oxtra
・Hemulen's playground

"Winter Festival" will be held from December 12th (Friday)!

You can enjoy the winter of Moominvalley Park from December 12th (Friday), which is the day of the renewal.Winter Festival"It will be held. We will welcome guests with illuminations unique to Moominvalley Park.

Notice of termination program due to renewal

Due to the renewal of Moominvalley Park on Friday, December 12, Moominvalley Park will be closed from Monday, November 10th to Thursday, December 11th.

In addition, some programs will end on Sunday, November 11th.Regarding the program to be terminatedthisfor more information.

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