Price list

Price list

Ticket price

Ticket price list

1 day pass
(More than junior high school students)
Same-day ticket 3,600 yen
(4 years old and over, elementary school students and under)
Same-day ticket 2,200 yen
Ticket information アソビュー コンビニで購入

・Tickets for the same day can be purchased up to 1 hour before closing time.
・All prices shown include tax.

Buy a digital annual passport

Adult (more than junior high school students) 13,000 Yen
Children (4 years old and under elementary school students) 8,000 Yen
(More than junior high school students)
Children(4 years old and under elementary school student)
13,000 Yen 8,000 Yen

A digital annual passport that can be used on Android OS such as smartphones and mobile devices compatible with iOS (excluding PCs).
 *All displayed prices include tax.

Available facilities: Same as 1-day pass.
Offer: 3% off when you present your Digital Annual Passport at any Moominvalley Park shop.
* Some products may not be available.Please note.
* The contents of the benefits are subject to change.
Validity period: Valid for one year from the date of purchase.You can use it as many times as you like during the period.
* However, it cannot be used for admission to parks with restricted admission, special paid events that require a separate ticket, and other special business hours.

Purchase at convenience store/play guide

It is recommended to purchase advance tickets in advance so that you can enter the park smoothly.
If you purchase in advance by specifying the day of admission, you can get a guaranteed admission even during times of congestion.

Information for group use

Information for group use

Special rates are available for groups of 15 or more.
Reservations are required by the day before the scheduled visit date.
*Payment at the group counter

  • POINT1: You can get Moominvalley Park tickets for all people!
  • POINT2: You can secure food and seats at the restaurant "La Gom" in the metsä village!
  • POINT3: You can secure a parking lot for the bus!

Group bus passengers without prior reservation may not be able to enter the bus parking lot and the bus boarding/alighting areas.

Click here for group reservations

About Parking


Weekday 1,000 yen / day
*Free parking for up to 2 hours.
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 1,500 yen / day
  • Reservations are not possible and will be settled locally.
  • * Depending on the congestion situation of the parking lot, you may be guided to the temporary parking lot.Please note.

About the use of parking lot

  1. Provision of parking space
    The metsä parking lot is intended to provide space for short-term parking for a fee, not to store your vehicle. It is also prohibited to carry out business activities in the metsä parking lot without our consent.
  2. Immunity
    The Company shall not be liable for the theft, loss or damage of the vehicle, its accessories or loads in the metsä parking lot, except for reasons attributable to the Company.Our company is the damage that the user of the metasä parking lot suffered due to the actions of other users of the parking lot or other people, the vehicle existing in the parking lot or its attached attachments or loads, etc., and other metsä We are not liable for any damages incurred due to causes not attributable to us in the parking lot.
  3. Parking time
    The metsä parking lot is intended for short-term parking, so the maximum parking time is 24 hours. Do not continue to park for more than 48 hours.
  4. Parking Fee
    Users of the metsä parking lot will have to pay the parking fee according to the parking time before leaving the parking lot, based on the amount of charges posted in the parking lot and the fee system.
  5. Parking method
    (1) Users of the metsä parking lot should park in the indicated parking space according to the method posted in the parking lot.
    (2) Do not park anywhere other than the parking space.
    (3) When parking or stopping in the parking lot, stop the engine.
  6. Illegal parking
    When a user of the metsä parking lot moves the vehicle out of the parking space or moves out of the parking lot without paying the parking fee, when the vehicle is parked in a place other than the legal parking space, If you approve, the user will have to pay us a parking charge of 5 yen.
  7. Handling of abandoned vehicles
    (1) If users of the metsä parking lot have parked vehicles for more than 7 days without notifying us, we will post them to the parking lot. , You may request to pick up the vehicle by the date specified by us.
    (2) In the case of (1), if the user refuses or cannot take over the vehicle, or cannot know the user without our fault, we will not own the vehicle. (Or the owner and user indicated on the vehicle inspection certificate; the same shall apply hereinafter) or post it in the parking lot, so that the vehicle may be taken up to the extent specified by the Company. In this case, the user shall be deemed to have waived all rights at the time of delivery to the owner, etc. of the vehicle, and shall make a request for delivery of the vehicle to the Company or any other circumstances. And no objection is filed.
    (3) In the event that the vehicle has not been picked up by the time specified by the Company even though the claims in (1) and (2) have been made in writing, the Company shall Is deemed to have been rejected.
    (4) The Company shall not be liable for damages arising on the vehicle after the passage specified in paragraph (1), except for damages caused by the Company's intention or gross negligence. .
    (5) In the case of (1), the Company shall be able to investigate the vehicle (including the inside of the vehicle) to the extent necessary to identify the user or owner.
    (6) In the case of (1), if there is a problem in management, the Company may post the vehicle at the parking lot and give notice and then move the vehicle to another place.
    (7) The Company refuses or cannot refuse to take over the vehicle, or if the owner cannot know the owner without our negligence. If the vehicle has been set a deadline by notifying or posting it in a parking lot, and the vehicle has not been received within the deadline, three months shall be required from the date of the notification. After the passage of time, the owner, etc. may be notified or posted at the parking lot and forewarned, and a fair third party may be present to sell, dispose of, or otherwise dispose of the vehicle. 。In this case, if it is clear that the market price of the vehicle is less than the cost required for sale (including the cost required for storage of the vehicle after the notification), the owner will be notified or the parking lot will be charged. Post at the notice and take over Immediately after the expiration date, a fair third party may be present to sell, dispose of, or otherwise dispose of the vehicle.
    (8) In the event that the Company disposes of the vehicle pursuant to the provisions of (7), the Company shall notify the owner or the like without delay or post it at the parking lot.
    (9) If we dispose of a vehicle pursuant to the provisions of (7), we will deduct any parking fees and any expenses required for storage, movement and disposal of the vehicle from the proceeds from the disposal, and If there is a shortage, the owner shall be charged for the payment, and if there is any remaining amount, this shall be returned to the owner.
  8. User Liability
    If the user of the metsä parking lot violates this agreement or the regulations posted in the parking lot, or if the facilities or equipment of the parking lot is damaged intentionally or by gross negligence, the damage incurred by the Company ( As a result, if you have to close all or part of the parking lot, you will be compensated for the lost operating profit.)

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