Information for group use

About group use (advance reservation)

Those who apply to either of the following
Applies to group reservations. Please make a reservation at least 3 days before your visit.

①Those who visit by bus

② Those who are settled by travel agencies, companies and schools

About admission fee

For groups of 15 or more, Moominvalley Park 1-day pass can be pre-booked.Admission to the metsä village is free.

Ticket ticket type Classification Group rate (15 people or more)
1 day pass Adult
(Junior high school students and above)
3,200 yen
(On the day window 3,600 yen)
(4 years old and over, elementary school students and under)
1,800 yen
(On the day window 2,200 yen)
For kindergartens and nursery schools
1 day pass
Limited to corporate applications
(Junior high school students and above)
1,800 yen
(On the day window 3,600 yen)
(4 years old and over, elementary school students and under)
1,000 yen
(On the day window 2,200 yen)
  • For more information about the facilities where tickets are availableplease use this form.
  • Cash, credit card and sightseeing ticket can be used.


  • Groups for which advance reservations have not been completed will be charged on the day.
  • Group rates can only be settled on the same day at the group reception (group counter).

【cancellation policy】

  • Cancellation without contact: 100%

About bus parking

Advance reservations are required to use the bus stop and parking lot.

    [Bus boarding / alighting place]
  • Please get on and off with 5 cars in front, and park the bus forward.
Parking fee
1 stand ASK


    [About bus parking lot]
  • Due to the limited number of bus parking lots, the arrival time may be adjusted or refused at the time of booking. Please note.
  • It will be forwarded to a remote parking lot.

【cancellation policy】

  • Cancellation without contact: 100%

About group meal

Information on group meals available during your stay at metsä.Advance reservations are required.It is not a charter, so please contact us if you wish.

Restaurants that accept reservations

Restaurants Place Menu of people
LAGOM metsä village
Restaurant building 2 floor
Buffet (60 minutes system) 15 to 100 people
Restaurant Moominvalley Moominvalley Park
Kokemus 1st floor
Lonely Mountain Hayashi Rice 15 to 80 people
Lettula Lounge Moominvalley Park
Welcome cove
hamburger plate 15 to 50 people

〇metsä Village Largom Reservation Details

Adult Children
(Elementary school students and younger)
(Preschoolers over 4 years old)
※ XNUM X years old and younger are free
Type of reservation Times Available Secure seats Precautions
Seat reservation system ①11: 30 to 12: 30
②13: 00 ~ 14: 00
Yes You cannot specify your seat.
Ticket system Can be used at any time only on the reservation date (60 minutes system) None * Non-refundable tickets

* You can use it at your favorite time. However, you may have to wait during congestion.

〇Moominvalley Park
Restaurant Moominvalley Retura Lounge Reservation details

Type of reservation Prices Times Available
Seat reservation system [Restaurant Moominvalley]
Hayashi rice 1,300 yen (tax included)

[Lettura Lounge]
Hamburger plate 1,800 yen (tax included)
①11: 30 to 12: 30
②13: 00 ~ 14: 00

*Reservations for 16:XNUMX are only accepted at the Lettura Lounge.


  • After arriving at metsä, please pay at the group reception (group counter) first.After payment, please come directly to the restaurant as soon as the reservation time is reached.
  • Since it is not a group restaurant, you cannot specify your seat.
  • Use of the restaurant is 60 minutes.
  • There is no allergy menu.
  • Boxed lunches are not allowed inside Moominvalley Park, except in some areas.Hemulen's playground "Picnic Area"Only groups that have received prior permission will be able to enjoy bento lunches. Please let us know which group you would like to attend when applying. (Please bring a leisure sheet when using the facility.)
  • Although metsä village is possible (except in the restaurant), there is no carry-on dining space available on rainy days.If you come by bus, please consider a meal method that takes into consideration rainy weather, such as eating in the car.

【cancellation policy】

  • 3 days before 17: Until 00: 0% (fixed personnel)
  • Until 15:00 the day before: 6% if the number of people is reduced by 100 or more (increase or decrease within 5 people can be accommodated)
  • The day before 15: After 01: 100%

Cafe where reservations can be made (please contact the store directly for reservations)

Café Place Contact
Nordix metsä village
042-980-7262 (direct to store)
Roberts coffee metsä village
Restaurant building 1 floor
080-3650-8929 (in charge: Yoshida)

About plans for groups

Group booking option

〇Gift ticket

Available at restaurants and shops in Moominvalley Park and metsä villages.

500 yen (tax included) / 1 sheet ~
  • If you purchase 1,000 yen, you will receive two 500 yen tickets.
  • no change
  • Valid for the day only
  • Not available at some facilities/stores

〇 Walk rally

We sell various programs such as Moomin trivia, English learning, and highly difficult riddle solving.Recommended for group work during your stay.

Part Number Price (1 kit)
english learning kit
With original ballpoint pen
Trivia quest ASK
Souvenir for clearing quests
Moominvalley magic map ASK
1 drink included

*In the case of a group reservation, it will be a lump sum payment and handover for the number of people.

Charter / Discount (Please contact us directly for reservations)

〇 Activity facilities

Popular activities and indoor playground facilities are available for groups.Time and usage restrictions apply.In addition, we may not be able to accept reservations during the busy season, so please check the details.

Name of facility About group use of people Contact
Moominvalley playground Groups of kindergartens and nursery schools can charter only on weekdays 15 to 50 people
(Moomin monogatari, Ltd. group reception)
Funmock Group discounts available / Available only for morning use 10 to 80 people 050-5434-2630
(PANZA Lake Miyazawa)
Group use of canoe experience/workshop can be negotiated Please contact us 080-7269-1496
(Canoe studio)

Estimated travel time

Please refer to the time required below.
We recommend staying at Moominvalley Park for at least 2 hours and exploring the metsä village for 1 hours.

Moominvalley Park
Emma's theater (show) ... Approximately 15 minutes
Appreciating the exhibition at Kokemus ... about 60 minutes
Dining at the restaurant ... about 60 minutes
metsä village
Canoeing experience at Lake Miyazawa ... 60 minutes
Shopping at the market hall ... about 60 minutes
Just slowly watching Miyazawa Lake ... about 60 minutes

Group reception and payment methods

Reservation flow

STEP1: Reservation application

"Group-only Web reservation"Please make a reservation more. After sending, we will reply by e-mail as soon as the reservation is completed.
* E-mails are confirmed in sequence. Please contact us if there is no reply after 7 days.

Group-only Web reservation
STEP2: Notification of availability

In the case of a tentative reservation, please contact us by e-mail about the decision or non-execution of the event by 7 days before the visit date.

STEP3: Final confirmation of your visit

Please contact the group reception (group counter), which will inform you of the following after booking from 3 days before arrival to 17:00 the day before, by telephone.

・ Final number of persons ・ Name of representative ・ Contact information on that day ・ Scheduled arrival time

STEP4: Visit / payment

On the day, payment will be made at the group reception (group counter).

Flow of the day

Group reception and payment methods

Payment will be made in cash on the day.

After arriving, please pay for all the reserved programs at the group reception (group counter).

* We do not accept advance transfer or billing at a later date.

Group receptionist inquiry

Business hours: Monday to Friday 9: 30 to 18: 00

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