to see

Story door

Open the door to the story of Moomin!

Little My's Play Spots

Participant theater with the slightly mischievous Little My protagonist


A lighthouse emigrated in the Moomin family.

Bathing hut

A bathing hut made by Moominpappa.


Moominhouse, where the Moomin family recreates the original story.


A facility where you can learn more about the life of the author Tove and the story of Moomin.

Welcome gate

Go through the gate of "Book" and expand your expectations to the world of Moomin's tale to Moominvalley!

Oshun oxtra

Let's go on an adventure together on the "Oshun Oxtra".

Emma's theatre

There will be live entertainment with Moomin and his friends.


Pancake Restaurant

A restaurant where you can eat pancakes that also love the character of Moominvalley that inspired the wind of the beginning.

Shop & Cafe

Cafe & shop in experience-based exhibition facility Kokemus.

Moominvalley dining room

Moominvalley Park's main restaurant.


Beginning store

A shop in the beginning cove area. A lively welcome flower lease welcomes travelers.


"Moominvalley" postal service. Post letters with original postcards and letter sets. Don't miss Hemulen's stamp collection.

Little My's shop

A specialty store with Little My's goods based on the image of Little My sitting on a sunflower blooming in Moominvalley

Moominvalley shops

A shop with the largest sales floor area and number of products in the experience-based exhibition facility Kokemus.

Play make

Story guide

Learn more about Moomin's story as you walk slowly at Moominvalley Park!

arcade game

We can enjoy two kinds of games. If you succeed you will get a prize.

Workshop / Kids Space

Experience making things in a space full of creatives.

Hobgoblin's zipline

Glide back and forth on the Miyazawa lake surface of 400m round trip while feeling the wind above the lake.

Hemulen's playground

Amusement park for "Hemulen who likes the quiet".

Photo studio

"Muiku!" With fellow Moominvalley

metsä village


STARBUCKS Hanno metsa village store

The familiar "Stava" appears in the "Craft bibliotek" facility that overlooks the lake.


This is a concept cafe produced by Fiskars Japan, which owns worldwide tableware brands such as Royal Copenhagen, Iittala, and Arabia.


It is a restaurant where you can relax and enjoy the view from the 2nd floor of the buffet hall.

UTEPILS ~ Veggie Q Grill ~

In Utepils, you can enjoy BBQ with your friends and family by hand while looking at Lake Miyazawa.

metsä cafe

This is the official cafe of "metsa" in the image of "metsa village".

Hamburg time

It is a hamburger specialty store with carefully selected materials that are particular about local production for local consumption.

Farmer creates tomateria GOTO

This pasta and omelet restaurant is popular for its whole tomato menu.


Renewal open! The best crepes produced by top pastry chefs and the chef with the vegetable sommelier qualification made the best bagels with people with disabilities.


"Cyboku" was founded in 1946. Grilled ham and sausage, which has won many gold medals at the International Food Quality Contest, to deliver the freshness of the ranch.


A variety of drinks using freshly imported Nordic roasted beans, freshly baked cinnamon rolls, etc. are full of charm that has become the largest cafe chain in Scandinavia. Kanto first store opening!


AFURI (Ahori) adheres to non-additives and natural materials and has created a taste. Please enjoy the commitment to one cup of noodles.

Musashi Rikyu

You can enjoy the luxury Matcha Sweets made possible by Rikyu, which is run by the famous Sayama Tea Store "Araien Honten".

biokia smoothie

The world's first smoothie specialty store that uses natural berries grown in pesticide-free Northern Europe.


LUNE D'EAU (Rene Dew)

We offer "colorful spice" items to enjoy combining design, color and texture.

Nordic goods

In the Nordic lifestyle shop "Northern European Goods Metsa Store", full of ideas for spending everyday life happily, we collected such latest Nordic items and latest information.

Moi saitama

It is a select shop of "food" by Saitama products produced by Maruhiro Department Store.

LAAVU / Chocolat Finland

A select shop that collects unique Finnish chocolate brands.


A Scandinavian lifestyle shop that sells everything from Scandinavian “food” to cosmetics and daily necessities, as well as small items, in a category that seeks the Scandinavian style.


It is a select shop that deals with high-quality imported miscellaneous goods, sticking to "genuine Nordic Europe".


It is a lifestyle shop where you can enjoy the latest design from Finland, which develops miscellaneous goods, furniture, fashion, cosmetics, etc. in a wide range.


Please enjoy the fresh vegetables of Hiyori Farm and local Haninou grow vegetables without using pesticides and scientific fertilizers.

Play make

"PANZA (Panza) Miyazawako" FUNMOCK (Funmock)

It's an aerial athletic sport that originated in France's natural rich island, Groa Island, coming from "Fun (Fun)" and "Hammock".


The attraction of canoeing is to bring it closer to nature.

time Business hours
price Prices
time Business hours

10: 00-18: 00 ※ 5

time Business hours

10: 00-20: 00 ※ 3

price Prices
Parking Lot
time Business hours

9: 30-20: 30 ※ 4

price Prices
Weekdays / 0 yen
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays / Up to 1,500 yen (500 yen / hour) ※ 2
* 1 There are some paid facilities in the park.
* 2 Only on weekends and national holidays, parking fees are free for those who have eaten or shop at 5,000 yen (tax included) or more at metsa village.
※3 「metsaビレッジ」は、~6/3(水)までは、平日・土日祝ともに10:00-18:00、6/4(木)以降、当面の間、平日:10:00-18:00、土日祝:10:00-19:00に短縮して営業いたします。
※4 「metsa」駐車場は、 ~6/3(水)までは、平日・土日祝ともに9:30-18:30、6/4(木)以降、当面の間、平日:9:30-18:30、土日祝:9:30-19:30に短縮して営業いたします。
※5「Moominvalley Park」は、6/4(木)以降、当面の間、平日:10:00-17:00、土日祝:10:00-18:00に短縮して営業いたします。