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We have collected the unique chocolate brands of Finland. You can enjoy "now" of Nordic chocolate such as Mercedes Chocolatry, Kultor, Dammenberg, Gudio. Permanent is Japan's first.

◆ What is Chocolat Finland?
"I'm new to strange and familiar with the tongue! Finnish sweet magic to make Japanese people Toriko"

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Featured Products

DAMMENBERG / Sugar Free Raspberry Chocolate

DAMMENBERG (Dammenberg), one of the leading brands of high quality chocolate in Finland.
Healthy type that does not use sugar as a sweetener. Topped with dried raspberries, the combination of sweet and sour and chocolate is unique to Scandinavia. Made of safe material, it is called "Worry Free Chocolate".

KULTASUKLAA / Vanilla Coffee Milk Chocolate Bar Banana Milk Chocolate Bar

Chocolate that chocolate artisans gather and make by hand, KULTASUKLAA (Kurusutosura) means "golden chocolate".
The flavor of bananas and coffee melts in the mouth and melts in milk chocolate with a tight sense of milk.

KULTASUKLAA / Helsinki, Hanko

A series that you can fully enjoy KULTASUKLAA (Kurtasksler), which has a reputation for milk chocolate.
From the top left, Helsinki milk chocolate, Helsinki sea salt chocolate, HANKO mint milk chocolate, HANKO biscuit milk chocolate

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