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One of the story's episodes, "Emma's theatre", that flowed when Moominvalley was hit by a flood.
This spring, a new show "Girls Knowing Courage ~ From Friends of Moominvalley ~" will begin at Emma's theatre, where live entertainment is being held by Moomin and his friends. After being bullied by his aunt and disappeared, "Ninny" gradually regains himself with the love and warm hospitality of the Moomins.
The theme of this new show is "to live like yourself", which is familiar to everyone in the modern world. The importance of having your own intention, overcoming various anxieties and fears while facing yourself, regaining yourself with everyone's love, try to find important things from this show, thinking of your everyday life .

■Moomin valley Park original song
Let's dance together ♬ Once you get on the clouds
Learn the dance that Moomin and his friends dance during the show and let's enjoy it together!

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Prices Free * Seats are on a first-come-first-served basis.
Business hours Performance time (about 30 minutes) 11:00 / 15:00 / 16:30
Remarks For the time being, the facilities in Moominvalley Park will be shortened in business hours, admission will be restricted, and some operation methods will be changed. Please contact the local staff for details.

* Time may be changed or canceled depending on the season or weather.
* Admission is not possible after the show, so please come to the theater as soon as possible.


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