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"Photo studio" is a photo studio in Moominvalley, in which Moominvalley's colleagues visit the photo studio to shoot. The name comes from the fact that when you take a picture in Finland you say "muikku!" Instead of "yes, cheese!" Here, there is a shooting service by a professional photographer, and you can have a special photo of the characters in the character costume and special photos. Please enjoy the commemorative photo with Moominvalley friends by calling out “muikku!”. Pets can be taken together.

Genre Play / make
Remarks For the time being, the facilities in Moominvalley Park will be shortened in business hours, admission will be restricted, and some operation methods will be changed. Please contact the local staff for details.

In the photo studio, you can remember the fun time with your friends at Moominvalley with commemorative photos. We offer two services, "Greeting Photo Service", which allows you to receive photo data by QR code, and "Express Photo Service", which allows you to leave commemorative photos on original mounts.

* Shooting will be announced for each group.
* You cannot select a studio or character.
* Please refrain from using your own equipment in the studio.
* "Greeting Photo Service" can only be used by customers who have "1 Day Pass" and "Paid for Common Facilities".
* "Greeting Photo Service" only takes one cut.
* If you are using the "Greeting Photo Service" and wish to have a commemorative photo with a backing card, an additional ¥ 1,500 (tax included) / sheet is required.
* Express Photo Service costs 2,000 yen (tax included) / sheet (2 yen (tax included) after the second photo). Available to all customers who enter "Moominvalley Park".
* "Express Photo Service" shoots in both studios.

■ Precautions when shooting pets
* If you bring a pet, we will shoot 1 cuts in one studio.
* Of the two studios, only B studio can be shot. (Because the studio is limited, you can not select a character.)
* Please enter the store with your pet.
* Only pets that can hold a baby can participate in the shooting.
※ We can not take pictures of pets only.
※ Please note that characters can not contact pets.
※ We may shoot even if you do not fit your eyes.


You can take photos with Moomin and friends

Together muikuku!

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Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays

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*To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, we are operating with reduced business hours.