Moominhouse 1

Moominpappa is an ideal house built by himself by writing a blueprint and the symbol “Moominhouse” of “Moominvalley Park”. You can feel the presence of the Moomin family and their friends. With various devices hidden in Moominhouse, you can enjoy the relive of Moomin's story.
"Moominhouse" was reproduced from the original while incorporating the drawing left by the original author Tove Jansson and the elements of the diorama that he worked with his friends. There is a storage room in the basement, a kitchen and dining room on the first floor, a living room and Moominpappa / Moominmamma room on the second floor, a Moomin room and a Little My room and a guest room on the third floor, and a study room written by Moominpappa on the attic.
Please thoroughly enjoy the world view of Moomin's story.

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Remarks For the time being, the facilities in Moominvalley Park will be shortened in business hours, admission will be restricted, and some operation methods will be changed. Please contact the local staff for details.

* "Moominhouse" can be viewed inside Moominhouse as an exhibition facility.
* You can enjoy the basement 1F / 1F floor only with the "admission ticket".
*If you purchase "1 Day Pass" or "Ticket for Common Facilities", you can enjoy all floors from 1F to 3F.
※ Childs younger than primary school children need an attendant at least junior high school students.
* Those who cannot walk up and down stairs with the assistance of accompanying persons cannot use this service.
* Moominhouse can only be moved up and down stairs, so wheelchair users cannot use it.
* Persons corresponding to the following cannot be used.
・ Heart disease, abnormal blood pressure
・ Unwell
・ Closed and dark phobia
・ I cannot go up and down the stairs on my own.
* We do not accept pets.
* The schedule may be changed or canceled without notice for reasons such as the weather.
* Depending on the congestion situation, the reception may close earlier. Please note.


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*To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, we are operating with reduced business hours.