Notice of metsä Village business hours (January to March 2024)
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A café restaurant where you can enjoy a menu that focuses on local production for local consumption, such as vegetables from local farmers, and a variety of drinks that use plenty of fresh vegetables, while enjoying the scenery of Finland, which is called "the country of forests and lakes".

Genre Eat
Opening hours <Weekdays>
10:00-17:00 (Food LO 16:00, Drink LO 16:30)

<Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays>
10:00-18:00 (Food LO 17:00, Drink LO 17:30)

Recommended menu

nordic curry

A beef curry with mango as a secret ingredient that brings out the sweetness of sautéed onions and the sourness of tomatoes.

double cheese black dog

A popular dog with crispy sausage, sautéed paprika and cheese.

nordics round and round potato fries

Everyone loves potato fries, which are fun to look round and round.

Crepe ice cream (chocolate, strawberry, chocolate banana))

A simple dessert that you can enjoy in-store or take-out.
We also accept anniversary plans such as seat reservations and birthday plates.
We have a menu that you can easily enjoy from lunch to cafe time.
Reservations/Inquiries: 042-980-7262