LUNE D'EAU sells Scandinavian fabrics and designer brand fabrics.Not only can you sell the fabric, but you can also make various semi-orders with the fabric.In the interior, fabric panels, curtains, cushion covers, lamp shades, etc.As for miscellaneous goods, there are also parasols, bags, and children's school and school goods.There are many fabrics that can only be obtained here, so we hope you find your favorite design.Our shop, which has a strong connection to Scandinavia, also handles Scandinavian miscellaneous goods.

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FABRIC (Scandinavian fabric, designer brand fabric)

Half-cut cloth: 660 yen (tax included) ~, 10 cm by weight Fabric: 2.640 yen (tax included / 1 m) ~

We offer half-cuts of trial size and sold by weight that can be purchased from 10 cm units.

FABRIC ZAKKA (fabric miscellaneous goods, etc.)

Daily Tote (STUDIO HILLA): 3,520 yen (tax included)

The original fabric miscellaneous goods are mainly made from Studio Hillah fabrics, and are full of fashion items such as bags and pouches, and kitchen items such as aprons.


Hillah is the Finnish word for cloudberry.Just as Berry is familiar to the Nordic people, Hillah will be a familiar part of your life.The berries ripe by the designers are now ready to eat.We bring you fresh and imaginative designs from Finland.


A textile manufacturer founded in Sweden in 1949. It has inherited a history of about 3 years for three generations.The unique design by the in-house designer is loved by a wide range of people.


BITS OF FABRIC is "Hagire".Fragments of fabric will also be reborn as new attractive products. Encounter with a rare pattern unique to BOF.A feeling of excitement to choose from many.Please enjoy the charm of BOF.
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