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LUNE D'EAU has a wide variety of Scandinavian fabrics, and the number is one of the best in the world.There are many fabrics that can only be obtained here.Items that color your life, such as bags and cushion covers made of Scandinavian fabrics, are also attractive.

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Let's make a Christmas wreath with Hagire of Scandinavian fabric

Date: Wednesday, December 12th
Holding time: 11: 30-12: 30 (Time required: Approximately 1 hour)
Participation capacity: 2 people (reservation required)
Course fee: 1,628 yen (tax included)
How to attend: We accept by phone or at the store.
Telephone number: 042-978-5611 

Tonttu / Kewin

■ Tonttu
Tontu lives in the forests of Finland, the land of Santa Claus, and is said to bring happiness to all.Essential for traditional Christmas celebrations. All of Kewin's tontou are handmade, so one of the features is that their facial expressions are slightly different.It is a cute object with a round body and red cheeks.

■ Kewin
Founded in 1975, it is a Helsinki workshop with a history of about 40 years.
Kewin's Sirkkatonttu is a craftsmanship item carefully crafted from Finnish wood, wool, linen and other renewable, environmentally friendly natural materials.It is very popular as a collector's item and is loved not only in Finland but also in countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and Japan.