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When you enter the Library Café entrance, you will find approximately 400 Moomin-related books lined up. Moominvalley Park is the only place to have so many Moomin-related books. You can pick it up and read it at your desk. Before you know it, you'll be drawn into the Moomin world while staying indoors. Finland, the hometown of Moomin creator Tove Jansson, consistently ranks high in the International Survey of Academic Attainment (PISA). At the Library Café, we want people of all ages to feel closer to books. I'm sure there's something Moomin can do to help him with that. Finnish people also know how to survive the long winter indoors. Inspired by Finnish libraries, the Library Café also stocks board games. In the space further back, workshops are also held irregularly. Please spend a pleasant time while reading or playing board games.

Genre Play / make, eat
Remarks * Due to the recent surge in raw material prices, we will review the product prices and specifications.We appreciate your understanding.

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Moomin related books are lined up in a row.

Reading time with coffee in hand♪

Also read aloud to children.

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