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You can freely draw with the prepared pens on the three windowpanes of the "Kids Space" where you can learn and play with your children.Your child will also remember to erase the drawing and put the pen back in place for the next child.A Finnish way of encouraging your child to act voluntarily.In the room, we have equipment such as soft blocks and toys that tickle the intellectual curiosity of small children.Of course, we also have Moomin picture books and pop-up books.Workshops such as storytelling of picture books are also held, and it is a space where you can learn while playing through Moomin's world view.

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Remarks * Please use the kids space with a guardian.


[Reading aloud] Tove Jansson's Moomin picture book "" Mysterious Journey to Moominvalley ""

Period: June 6th (Sun) 5th (Sun) 12th (Sun) 19th (Sun)
   7th February (Sunday)
We will hold a story-telling of the original picture book "Mysterious Journey to Moominvalley" (written by Tove Jansson / Kodansha), which is the motif of the umbrella sky.From the story by the versatile author Tove, why not feel the sound of the original, the feeling of words, the richness and fun of expression.
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[Read aloud] Tove Jansson's Moomin picture book "What will happen then? 』\

Period: January 1th (Sat) 8th (Sat) 15rd (Sun) 23th (Sun)
   February 2th (Sun) 6th (Fri) 11th (Sun)
   March 3th (Sat) 12th (Sun) 13th (Sun) 20th (Sun)
   April 4rd (Sun) 3th (Sun) 10th (Sun) 17th (Sun)
   May 5st (Sun) 1th (Sun) 8th (Sun) 15nd (Sun) 22th (Sun)
From January, Tove Jansson's Moomin picture book "What will happen then?" I will introduce.Before and after the story-telling workshop, please experience the experience exhibition "What will happen then?" On the Kokemus 1F with the same picture book as a motif.You can enjoy the story as if you were in a picture book with a series of colorful areas.
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[Reading aloud] Classic Moomin picture book "Moominvalley Christmas"

Period: December 12th (Friday) 10th (Saturday)
During the two days of Moominvalley Park's reopening, you can enjoy reading the classic Moomin picture book "Moominvalley's Christmas" in English at the new kids' space (Kokemus2F).
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