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"FUN MOCK / Fun mock" is a facility where you can freely play around in the net stretched through the forest."FUNMOCK / Funmock" is an activity that was born in 2008 on "Groix Island" in France, and was inspired by the nets used by fishermen on the island for fishing.
You can enjoy an aerial walk in an excellent location in front of Lake Miyazawa ♪ In the summer, it is open a little cool with mist!Please come to the completely outdoor playground "PANZA Miyazawako".
"PANZA Miyazawako" also incorporates active learning, providing an experience that can be utilized in everyday life through an adventure experience that takes a step forward from everyday life.Groups and charters are also welcome!Please feel free to contact us.

Genre Outdoor
Prices [Introduction]
・ Before usingPrecautions and rules"Please confirm.
・ Advance reservation is prioritized for use.Click here for reservation "GO PLAY'

[PRICE LIST / Usage fee]
■ 7 years old and over
・1day free entrance / Same day fee 3,500 yen (Reservation fee: 3,200 yen)
・90 minutes course / Same-day fee: 2,500 yen (Reservation fee: 2,200 yen)
・60 minutes course / Same-day fee: 2,100 yen (Reservation fee: 1,800 yen)
* Cannot be used only by those under 12 years old.Must be accompanied by an adult.
■ 3 to 6 years old / all course uniform: 1,500 yen (reservation fee: 1,200 yen)
* Cannot be used by children only.Must be accompanied by an adult.
■ Infants (under 2 years old) / Free
* You can enter with a guardian. (You will be charged for the accompanying person.)
* Customers under the age of 2 can only use this service if accompanied by a guardian.However, we cannot accept children whose necks are not sitting. (Paid only for parents)
Information Business hours: 10: 00-sunset
Last reception: April-October: 4:10 November-March: 15:50
Experience time: Same as the experience time of each course
* Business hours and reception hours may change depending on the season and other reasons.
* For the latest information"PANZA Miyazawako" homepage.
Remarks Telephone number: 050-5434-2630
Official Instagram:

* Valuables are stored in lockers with the consent of the customer.
* Cannot be used by those who are drunk, pregnant, have heart disease, have neck or back disabilities, or are in poor physical condition.
* Cannot be used with easy-to-remove footwear such as high heels and beach sandals.Please be sure to use rental shoes (charged).

Recommended points

A space where the sky is high and you can overlook the lake ♪

Craftsmen with special skills from the local France consistently perform from design to construction, and the active space expands against the backdrop of the scenery from the trees to the lake.

10 areas where you can spend a lot of time 

In the 10 areas made up of nets stretched in a forest rich in nature, you can spend your free time running around freely, laying down and watching Lake Miyazawa.

Let's all play together!

You can experience extraordinary play on a swaying net, such as going through a slide, a tunnel made of nets, and having fun with a balance ball.
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