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A restaurant where you can eat pancakes that are loved by the friends of Moominvalley with the image of "the forest breeze that Moominpappa first felt".
Outside, there is also a terrace seat on the lakeside where you can enjoy an open view.

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Recommended menu

[6/26 (Sat) ~] Midsummer pancakes

1,600 yen (tax included)

From the original "Moominvalley Summer Festival", a summer-only pancake with the image of a scene where Snufkin sows "Hattifattener seeds" on the eve of the summer solstice (midsummer).The top of the fruity pancake, which is based on kiwi sauce and finished with lemon cream, is set in a refreshing mint meadow that looks like a corolla of the summer solstice. Relive the story with colorful passion fruit and mango sauce, just like sowing "Hattifattener seeds" like Snufkin!The accented nata de coco makes the texture even more enjoyable.Cheese cream and strawberry sauce are hidden in the pancakes.
* Please enjoy mint as you like.
* You can take the original "Snufkin hat" pick with you.

[6/26 (Sat) ~] Umbrella Sky Soda (Green Apple)

600 yen (tax included)

An emerald green-colored green apple-flavored soda that matches the color of the summer-only "Umbrella Sky".
Shop & Cafe (KOKEMUS 2F)Then, you can enjoy our sister product "Umbrella Watermelon Soda".

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