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Roberts coffee that we want you to spend in a relaxing space like "another living room" for customers. It is full of charm that has become the largest cafe chain in Scandinavia, such as various drinks using roasted beans imported directly from Scandinavia and freshly baked cinnamon rolls. Opened the first store in Kanto from Finland, which has the highest coffee consumption in the world.

Genre Eat
Remarks Take-out: Yes
Telephone number: 042-978-6118
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Featured Products

Lunch set

In-store food and drink price: 1,100 yen (tax included)

A great value set with sandwiches, salad pasta, drinks and soup.

White chocolate lemonade frappe

In-store food and drink price: 638 yen (tax included)

The mellow sweetness of white chocolate accentuates the refreshing lemon flavor, making it a refreshing summer drink.

cinnamon roll

In-store food and drink price: 352 yen (tax included)

We reproduced the recipe of Finnish cinnamon roll developed with the concept of "the best cinnamon roll in the world".

Strawberry rooibos

In-store food and drink price: S size 407 yen (tax included) ~

"Strawberry Rooibos Tea" with a slightly sweet and sour scent of strawberry is now available as a new menu.It has a refreshing taste that is very easy to drink.Recommended when you want to take a break.Non-caffeine.