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At the photo studio in Moominvalley, the photo studio "muikku Photo" is visited by Moominvalley friends.The name comes from the fact that in Finland, when you take a picture, you say "muikku!" Instead of "yes, cheese!".
There is a shooting service by a professional photographer, and you can leave a special photo with the characters as a memorial.Please say "muikku!" And enjoy taking a commemorative photo with your Moominvalley friends.Pets can also be photographed together.

Genre Play / make
Prices ■ Shooting service
① Express photo service
・ Available to "all customers" who enter Moominvalley Park.
・ You can take the photos you have taken with you by putting them in download data, commemorative photos with mounts, or original photo holders.
[Experience price]
・ Download data + commemorative photo with mount: 2,000 yen (tax included) * Second and subsequent photos: 2 yen (tax included)
・ Download data + original photo holder: 2,200 yen (tax included)
・ Download data + commemorative photo with mount + original photo holder: 3,200 yen (tax included)
* You can enjoy shooting with 1 characters in both of the 2 studios per use.
* When using the service, we will give priority to guidance from the beginning of the queue.

② Greeting photo service
・ Available to customers who have a "1 day pass" or a "common ticket for paid facilities".
・ You can take the photos you took with you as download data.
[Experience price]
・ Download data: Included in "1 day pass" or "paid facility common ticket" price
* Customers with a "1 day pass" and "common ticket for paid facilities" can use this service multiple times only on the day of admission.
* You can enjoy shooting with one character in one of the two studios per use.
* When using the service, we will line up in a dedicated queue and guide you in order.
* We may give priority to customers of "Express Photo Service".
Business hours The following times will be temporarily closed according to the appearance time of "Emma's theater" by Moominvalley friends.
Business will be closed on Sunday, November 11th.
Remarks ■ Before using
・ You cannot specify the studio or character.
・ We do not allow you to shoot with your own equipment in the studio.
・ During the show performance at Emma's theater, we will suspend the shooting information.
・ Please line up for each shooting group in the shooting queue.Also, please refrain from changing the group before the announcement.
・ Please wear a mask at all times when using.

■ About shooting with pets
・ You cannot shoot only pets.
・ If you bring a pet, we will shoot 1 shots in 2 studio.
・ Of the two studios, only Studio B can shoot with pets.
・ Please enter the photo studio with your pet in your arms.
・ Only pets that can be held will be photographed.
・ We may shoot even if the line of sight does not match.
・ Characters cannot interact with pets.


Original photo holder

Immediately remember when you take it.
No need to cut out a photo in a circle.You can take it home immediately ♪
Selling price: 2,200 yen (tax included)
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