Beginning store 1

A shop in Welcome cove, the entrance to Moominvalley Park. Find items to enjoy at Moominvalley Park and stop by on your way back to find a memorable trip.

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Remarks * Items listed may be sold out.Please note.


Name stamp Moomintroll

880 yen (tax included)

A stamp with a name and a Moomintroll design.

big mug

2,200 yen (tax included)

A large size mug with a flower wreath pattern.

Riddle solving event "Magic map of Moominvalley"

2,500 yen (tax included, drink included)

Did you know that you once picked up a hat with Moomintroll?It's a black top hat dropped by a magician called Hobgoblin.Solving the mystery of "Moominvalley's magical map" that begins with the story related to the hat.This is a mystery-solving event for adults, where adults can seriously think, worry, cooperate, and aim for goals.
■ Details:

Trivia Quest-Red-

700 yen (tax included)

Find trivia about Moominvalley Park with a Moomintroll-covered trivia book that invites you into the world of stories.After clearing the quest, you will receive a commemorative gift without exception.After returning home, you can read it carefully, decorate it in your favorite place, and look back on the memories of your visit to the park.
■ Details:

MOOMINGLISH: Into Moominvalley Park

500 yen (tax included, with original ballpoint pen)

The title "MOOMINGLISH" is "Moomin" + "English".An active learning kit that allows you to learn English and grammatical expressions related to Moomin while walking around Moominvalley Park, which is rich in nature.
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