Beginning store 1

A shop in Welcome cove, the entrance to Moominvalley Park. Find items to enjoy at Moominvalley Park and stop by on your way back to find a memorable trip.

Genre Buy
Remarks * Items listed may be sold out.Please note.


Left: Moominpappa Top Hat / Middle: Puppet / Right: Snufkin Hat

Left: 2,640 yen (tax included) / Middle: 990 yen each (tax included) / Right: 1,980 yen (tax included)

Left: A top hat that makes you feel like Moominpappa.
Middle: Recommended for small children! * Some products are sold out.
Right: A hat that makes you feel like Snufkin.

Shop art popcorn (ALKU KAUPPA)

750 yen (tax included)

A caramel-flavored popcorn with a welcome flower wreath from the starting store (ALKU KAUPPA) on the package.
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