Hemulen's playground 1

Moominvalley Park's "Lonely mountain" is a mountain of adventure and meditation.
From the novel "Moominvalley's Friends", an athletic was born with the motif of the story of "Hemulen who likes quietness".A tree house that appears in an episode in which Hemulen, who used to work at an amusement park, created his own amusement park when the amusement park closed.You can enjoy the view and stroll.A very Moominvalley Park-like place where children can move their bodies and adults can take a leisurely forest bath.
The "Mushroom Blackboard" can be used for drawing and as a stage.Please enjoy art as much as you want in the rich nature.

Genre Play / make
Terms and Conditions An athletic that takes advantage of the natural environment. Parents should consider safe use so that children can play with peace of mind.
・ Please note that we are not responsible for accidents caused by incorrect use of playset.
・ Depending on the season or weather, you may not use the playground equipment, or the area may be closed.
-Please note that your feet (road surface) may be partially soiled or grassy.
・Please refrain from entering the playground equipment with pets.Please use the lead hook when using inside the playground equipment.
Remarks Target age: XNUMX years old to elementary school students
* The target age for the "tube slide" in the main tree house is from XNUMX years old to elementary school students.
* Preschool children (XNUMX to XNUMX years old) must be accompanied by a junior high school student or older.
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