Moominvalley Playground 1

For children, "play" is to learn the power to live.
By using the whole body to enjoy moving the body and "playing", it stimulates the five senses and encourages the healthy growth of children both physically and mentally.

Located on KOKEMUS 3F"Moominvalley's playground" is a space that stimulates children's curiosity and allows them to play with their five senses.
Regardless of the weather, children and parents alike can enjoy a well-being experience in three areas with motifs that appear in Moomin stories.

Genre Play / make
Prices Free
*A timed admission ticket is required.Admission tickets will be distributed on the 3rd floor of KOKEMUS.
*Depending on the congestion situation, distribution may end early.
Opening hours ①10:30 ②11:10 ③11:50 ④12:30 ⑤13:10 ⑥13:50 ⑦14:30 ⑧15:10 ⑨15:50 ⑩16:30* ⑪17:10*
*There is a complete replacement system every 30 minutes each time.
*⑩ and ⑪ are only open on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
*Business hours may change on certain business days.
*Business hours may change without notice.
Terms and Conditions Target age: 0-12 years old
 *Please enter with a companion of junior high school age or older.
 *For safety reasons, Moran's CoroCoro Wheel can only be used by children aged 3 to 12.
・We do not allow entry by anyone over the age of 13.
・The safety of your children is your responsibility, so please do not leave your children unattended.
Remarks ・During busy times, reception may be temporarily suspended.We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring safety.
・There are no restrooms in the area, so please use the restroom beforehand.
・Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any accidents or troubles at this facility.
・Please do not leave your child unattended when using the service.
・Please be considerate so that those around you can enjoy themselves comfortably.
・Before entering the venue, please empty the pockets of your clothes and remove any accessories, pin patches, or other decorations.
・If you lose or forget something within the area, it may be difficult to find it on the day of the event.Please take care of personal items that you would not want to lose by placing them in your bag and securing it securely.
・If you have any problems, please contact the staff.


Oshun Oxtra's ball pool

An area with the theme of the ship "Oshun Oxtra" that appears in the novel "Memories of Moominpappa".
Jumping into the sea of ​​balls, swimming, diving, etc. will relax your whole body with a comfortable feeling of floating, and you can also train your sense of balance.

Empty track in Moominvalley

An area based on the scene of riding on clouds in the novel "Finn Family Moomintroll".
Hit the airy elastic floor or wall, jump, roll, and enjoy the repulsive force.

imagination playground

A large block of playground equipment spread out in front of the theater with the motif of Emma's theater that appears in the novel "Moominvalley Summer Festival".
It is a space where you can create what you imagine you want to do while nurturing your imagination and concentration.You can also enjoy pretend play by combining them to create something like a house or ship.

Moran's Rolling Wheel

An area based on the ice created by Moran, which appears in the novel "Finn Family Moomintroll".
You can enter the wheel developed so that you can safely rotate your whole body 360 degrees, and you can move freely using your whole body.
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