Hobgoblin's zipline 1

The world's largest "King of Ruby" that the magical "Hobgoblin" with mysterious power that appears in Moomin's original novel "Finn Family Moomintroll" has been searching for 300 years. Explore the summit of Lonely Mountain with Hobgoblin's disciples and go out to find the "King of Ruby" as if you were riding a "black panther" running freely in the sky.The stage is nature.Take the courage to glide over the surface of the lake!

Genre Play / make
Prices 3,000 yen (tax included / tour guide / certificate included)
* A separate 1-day pass must be purchased for the experience.
Opening hours Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
Time required: about 60 minutes
* Business days, etc. are subject to change.Details of the change will be announced on the new information on the metsä official website.
[Notice regarding business hours during Golden Week from 4/27 (Sat) to 5/6 (Mon)]
Number of seats 1 people at a time
Remarks ■There are four conditions of use for safety management.
(1) Those in third grade or above
(2) Those whose height is 120 cm or more and less than 190 cm and whose weight is 30 kg or more and less than 100 kg
(3) Those who can attach and detach the harness by themselves
(4)Consent formThose who can sign
*For those under the age of 18, parental consent is required. (Parents are those who the facility judges to be "parents, or those who replace parents over the age of 20")
*Pregnant women, those who have been drinking alcohol, and those who are unable to put on and take off the harness themselves are prohibited from using the service.
*For safety reasons, we do not allow the use of sandals, heels, or shoes that easily come off. Please wear comfortable shoes.
*Use may be refused at the discretion of facility staff.
*Depending on weather and other conditions, we may change the limit value, postpone the operation, or cancel the event.
*For safety reasons, those using wheelchairs are not allowed to participate.
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