Hobgoblin's zipline 1

`` Hobgoblin's zipline '', which slides on the surface of Miyazawa lake about 400 m round trip while feeling the wind from the top of Lonely Mountain, slides down the wire stretched in the forest with a pulley, you can enjoy the superb view and enjoy the thrill, it is popular worldwide Activity with
Become a “Hobgoblin” in Moomin ’s novel “Finn Family Moomintroll”, seek the king of ruby, enjoy the exhilarating breeze on the lake through the forest.

Genre Play / make
Prices You can enjoy it with "Hobgoblin's zipline 1-time ticket".
Business hours Time required: about 30 minutes
Due to maintenance, the operation will be suspended for the time being.
Remarks ■There are four conditions of use for safety management.
(1) Those in third grade or above
(2) Those whose height is 120 cm or more and less than 190 cm and whose weight is 30 kg or more and less than 100 kg
(3) Those who can attach and detach the harness by themselves
(4) Those who can sign the consent form
*For those under the age of 18, parental consent is required. (Parents are those who the facility judges to be "parents, or those who replace parents over the age of 20")
* We do not recommend pregnant women, those who are drunk, and those who cannot remove or attach the harness themselves.
*Sandals, heels, and shoes that are easy to take off are not allowed for safety reasons. Please wear comfortable shoes. (Currently, rental trousers and shoes are being suspended.)
*Depending on the judgment of the facility staff, you may be asked to refrain from using the service.
* Depending on the weather and other conditions, we may judge that we will change the limit value, cancel the operation, or cancel the operation.
*For safety reasons, we do not allow wheelchair users.
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