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A friendly menu with a Scandinavian feel will fill your stomach.

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Remarks *Dishes may change depending on the season.Also, if it is difficult to secure ingredients due to a shortage of ingredients, some menus may be suspended.Please check at the store.

*Due to the shortage of chicken eggs due to the influence of bird flu, we will continue to provide hayashi rice with a different content.

In addition, due to the recent surge in raw material prices, we will review the product prices and specifications.
We appreciate your understanding.

Recommended menu

Lonely Mountain Hayashi Rice


A popular dish with a mushroom flavor that whets the appetite.

seafood white curry


It looks white, but spicy! A curry filled with sauce and seafood stewed with 10 kinds of vegetables.

Jacob's Flying Stew (Chicken and Banana Chili Sauce Stew)


A dish famous as home cooking in Northern Europe.The sweetness of bananas and peanuts and the spiciness of chili sauce are an unexpected combination that will make you addicted.



Meatballs are the main plate, and please enjoy the harmony of salty meatballs and sweet and sour jam.

Kids meal set


Kids' meal, which is packed with children's "loved" menus, comes with an original design souvenir plate as a set!Enjoy the feeling of Moominvalley Park at home.
* Limited souvenir plate, new material born in Finland, "repeatedly usable"Apron many timesWith "
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