Workshop 1

After learning about Moomin's story and the versatile artist Tobe Janson at the hands-on exhibition facility Kokemus, I want to stimulate your artist's brain and create something!I want to make things and take home the feelings I felt at that time.You may think that.This room prepared for such people is a place full of creativity named Paja (workshop in Paya-Finnish).In a space based on white, which is an image that can create anything, you can enjoy story-based manufacturing and creative experiences related to Tove's works.

Genre Play / make
Business hours The workshop in Paya will be closed on Sunday, November 11th.
Workshops will be held at various locations in Moominvalley Park from Friday, December 12th.Regarding the contents of future workshopsClick here to register:for more information.
In addition, Paya will be available as a "kids space" from December 12th (Friday).For more informationClick here to register:for more information.
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