Utepils dog run 1

A dog run that strengthens the bond between dog owners and their dogs.

In addition to the approximately 500 square meter dog run space, there is also private picnic seating where you can dine with your dog without a leash.Spend some time in an open space surrounded by forests and lakes and create irreplaceable memories with your dog!

Last business day: May 2024, 5 (Tuesday)
*Future dog run operations will be announced at a later date.


Genre Outdoor
Prices ■Dog run space admission fee: 1 yen per dog + 700 yen per owner
* Only small and medium-sized dogs can enter. (Weight less than 25 kg)
* Only dogs who have received vaccinations such as rabies vaccination and mixed vaccine within one year and bring various certificates to prove these can use this service.
*Up to 1 dogs are allowed per owner.
*Admission fees may change when events are held.

Opening hours 11: 00-16: 00 (Last entry 15:30)
Terms and Conditions ■ Requests when using the dog run space
・Only small and medium-sized dogs are allowed. (Weight less than 25 kg)
・Only dogs that have received rabies vaccinations and mixed vaccines within the past year and bring various certificates to prove these can use this service.
・Dogs that fall under any of the following conditions cannot be used.
 ‣Dogs that have not received a rabies vaccination or mixed vaccine within one year
 ‣ Dogs who do not have various certificates
 ‣Dogs in heat and with contagious diseases
 ‣ Dogs with biting habits and ferocity, such as fighting dogs

・People who do not bring dogs cannot use the dog run space.Pets other than dogs are not allowed.
・Children under elementary school age must be accompanied by a guardian.
・Use with your dog and keep an eye on it.
・Be sure to wear the wristband you will receive at the reception.
・Please take your excrement home with you.Also, spray water where your dog has peeed.
・Please refrain from bringing pet carts or strollers.
・Please refrain from brushing or trimming your dog.
・Please use the private picnic seats for eating and drinking.Please note that the number of seats is limited, so please be considerate of others when it is crowded.
・We are not responsible for any accidents or troubles with dogs.Please have a discussion between the parties concerned.


Dog run space of about 500㎡

Refresh your dog in the open dog run space that spreads by the lake.

Private picnic seats where you can eat and drink

Cafe time with your dog in a safe enclosed space.

A boat that can be enjoyed by dogs of any size "Wanwan-go"

Normal boarding fee 40 minutes 4,500 yen (tax included) + dog 1,000 yen / dog
*Includes rental fee for sheets and life jackets (S/M/L)
* Up to 6 people and dogs can be on board.
*Up to 1 dogs per owner
(For large dogs, up to 1 dog per owner)

Click here for advance reservation

A gift for the dog who hits the secret number "Wanwan! Surprise"

We have set a secret number for the number of dogs on board to commemorate, and we are holding a “Wow One! Surprise” event to celebrate the dogs who have successfully boarded!

For the winning dog, we will present a commemorative photo shoot using an assortment of pet goods and limited photo goods only for metsä village.Which number will be a hit is fun until the day!
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