The three-story exhibition facility "Kokemus" means "experience" in Finnish.Weaving the life of the author Tove Jansson, who has devoted all his energy to his work and having been with Moomin throughout his life, and Moomin's work, each person who visits the park can relive the story of Moomin. I can do it.You can enjoy a variety of exhibits such as Moomin's first permanent exhibition space in Japan, an introduction to the world of novels and picture books, a huge Moominvalley diorama over 3 meters, and art works from the Helsinki Art Museum in Finland.It is a must-see spot in the park, full of photo spots that make you feel lost in the world of the story.
*The white Moomin statue in front of the building is a tribute to the Moomin Museum in Finland.

Genre Visit
Business hours 2F gallery exhibition schedule
Scheduled from Saturday, July 2021, 7 to the end of October 10
Special exhibition "Moomin Dining Table and Convivial Exhibition-Eating, Living Together-'
* The exhibition of the miniature tool collection "Parafernaria", which is an exhibit from the Moomin Museum in Finland, which is being unveiled in the special exhibition, will end on June 6th (Monday).In consideration of the recent world situation and transportation safety, we have decided to accelerate the return period.Due to the return work, the exhibition area on June 6th (Tuesday) will be closed all day.
Even after returning "Parafernaria", you can enjoy "Moomin's Dining Table and Convivial Exhibition-Eating, Living Together-" until the end of October.
Remarks * Please refrain from bringing food and drinks.
* Please refrain from bringing a stroller when it is crowded. Please use the stroller storage area at the entrance of Kokemus.
* Please refrain from entering with pets.
*Some places cannot be used for shooting.

Floor guide "Let's go around in order from the 3rd floor"

[1F] Introduction Art Space
■ Welcome art & movie
At the end of the vine on the wall where the characters are lurking, the author Tove gently greets the Moominvalley friends.Reproduce the reproduction of Tove's frescoes ahead. You can see that Tove was also active as a painter. Don't miss the welcome movie from Tove's niece, Sophia.Take the warp elevator to the world of the story on the 3rd floor.
[3F] Experience exhibition
■ Moominvalley nature
"Nature of Moominvalley" gradually begins to color from the monochrome world that is the original picture of Moomin.In addition to seeing, there are interactive and participatory exhibits such as melting Moran's heart and generating electricity for Hattifattener.
[3F] Experience exhibition
■ What happens then?
The next colorful area of ​​"Moominvalley Nature" is the world of Tove's first picture book, "What's Next?"You can enjoy the story as if you were in a picture book.
[3F → 2F]
■ Moominvalley diorama
An oversized size diorama that recreates the stairwell of the spiral staircase spreads the delicate world of Moominvalley. Also pay attention to Moominvalley's events that change every 15 minutes and the changing seasons. (Every hour: Comet, every 15 minutes: dusk, every 30 minutes: winter, every 45 minutes: white night)
[3F → 2F]
■ Mural painting of Aurora Children's Hospital
Reproduce the mural painting of Aurora Children's Hospital in Helsinki drawn by Tove for children.Pay attention to many creatures and gentle colors.
[2F] Video space
■ Tove's Memory Theater
The theater recreates the island hut that Tove spent during the summer.
From Friday, December 2021, 12, the Emma's theater show "Free and Happy Life" will be screened.
[2F] Gallery exhibition
■ Permanent exhibition "Moominvalley Gallery"
The permanent exhibition features illustrations of novels, picture books, comics, and other original works, as well as the fascinating “words” of Moomin's story. Also the poem of Tove, which was unveiled for the first time in the world.
[2F] Gallery exhibition
■ Special Exhibition "Moomin's Dining Table and Convivial Exhibition-Eating, Living Together-"
Date: July 2021-7 Scheduled for late October
An exhibition where you can feel a warm and warm feeling through Moominvalley's rich food culture centered on the food of the blessings of nature in each season and the appearance of Moominvalley's friends relaxing in harmony. We will deliver the meeting.
※For more informationhere
[2F] Gallery exhibition
■ Special exhibition "Moomin and Tove Jansson"
Date: March 2019th (Sat), 3-July 16th (Sun), 2021
The background of Tove, the transition of Moomin from the precious collection, and the precious tempera painting from the Helsinki Art Museum drawn by Tove also came to Japan.Also pay attention to the fine touch of brush strokes.
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