Moominhouse 1

Moominpappa is the ideal house that he wrote the blueprints and built himself, and the symbol of Moominvalley Park, "Moominhouse".You can feel the existence of the Moomin family and their friends. With various gimmicks hidden inside the Moominhouse, you can relive the story of the Moomins.
"Moominhouse" has been reproduced from the original, incorporating the drawings left by the original author Tove Jansson and the elements of the diorama that he worked with his friends.The basement is a storage room, the 1st floor is a kitchen and dining room, the 2nd floor is a living room and Moominmamma room, the 3rd floor is a Moomin room and Little My room and guest room, and the roof is a study written by Moominpappa.Please thoroughly enjoy the world view of the Moomin monogatari, Ltd..

Genre Play / make
Remarks ※ Childs younger than primary school children need an attendant at least junior high school students.
* Those who cannot walk up and down stairs with the assistance of accompanying persons cannot use this service.
* Moominhouse can only be moved up and down stairs, so wheelchair users cannot use it.
* Persons corresponding to the following cannot be used.
・ Heart disease, abnormal blood pressure
・ Unwell
・ Closed and dark phobia
・ I cannot go up and down the stairs on my own.
* Please refrain from using with pets.
* The schedule may be changed or canceled without notice for reasons such as the weather.
* Depending on the congestion situation, the reception may close earlier. Please note.


In "Moominhouse", Moomins will appear on the balcony. Moomins waving happily towards the Moominvalley.You can look back at them or take a commemorative photo as a background and enjoy yourself.
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