From Finland!A lifestyle shop where you can enjoy the latest designs.Please spend your time as if you were shopping in Finland while you are in Japan.

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Born in Finland, GOLLA is inspired by Scandinavian simple values ​​and aesthetics to propose bags that fit a "modern lifestyle". The water-repellent classic backpack can be used for a wide range of purposes such as commuting, daily use, and travel bags.

Ducktail Raincoats

Rainwear brand from Lithuania with excellent quality and functionality. A reversible tail with a reflection function that features a duck tail. With the mission of "protecting people from the rain stylishly," it stands out with its outstanding coloring and playful details.


AARNI, in Finnish, means untouched forest.
Lightweight and rustic, this wooden watch is inspired by Finnish nature. Only TRE is sold in Japan. You can enjoy aging trees as the grain and color are different.

Design by KIETO

Colorful and gorgeous wooden accessories from Finland.
Laser-cut by printing Finnish plants and fictional designer original plants on eco-friendly wood.

Atelier Pelto

Porcelain broaches, plates, and accessories are used to express heartwarming works and poetic worlds that Japanese artists can use in their daily lives. The word "pelt" in Finnish means a field. It is thought that the atelier will be a place to grow seeds of ideas and grow them.


The brand name Muumuru is an "imaginary amusement park." From the "amusement park" where you can freely expand your imagination, the best works are naturally born. We always set the goal of making people's lives happy and making them smile.
Leisure animals and gentle-colored postcards and posters are popular.
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