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"Nordic lifestyle, everyday"
At the Scandinavian lifestyle shop “Medsä store,” a Scandinavian lifestyle shop full of ingenuity to enjoy your daily life, we collected the latest Scandinavian items and the latest information. From famous brands such as Marimekko and Iittala, we will introduce many good things in Northern Europe such as limited items that can only be obtained at metsä village.

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Finland's largest long-established confectionery maker with over 120 years of history. * Chocolate sales are suspended from mid-June to mid-September.


A lifestyle brand born in Finland in 1951.Bold and colorful designs continue to be loved by people all over the world regardless of gender or age.


In addition to the beautiful designs created by the great designers represented by Birger Kaipiainen, it is supported not only in Finland but also in the world, with the creation of products that are also important for practicality.

ROYAL COPENHAGEN (Royal Copenhagen)

Danish national brand.Not only high-quality hand-painted tableware, but also mugs and plates that can be used outdoors and casually are popular.Also compatible with dishwashers and microwave ovens.Give a Hygge time to spend with family and friends


We employ many designers and architects who are active around the world and pursue timeless designs that are not influenced by fashion, with emphasis on quality, beauty and functionality.


Finland's oldest textile brand in Scandinavia. At metsä Village, not only products directly imported from the home country, but also collaboration items that are familiar with Japanese life, with new lives brought in by Japanese manufacturers.


Finland's leading international industrial designer known as an innovator of modern design.The representative furniture of him was ordered from the site and the exhibition was realized.He pursues experimental works born from free thinking while preserving tradition, and establishes his own world.He is particularly keen on plastic manufacturing, and bubble chairs and pastil chairs are icons that symbolize the design world of the 1960s.He has won countless international design awards and is still active and has been selected as a permanent collection in many museums, including MoMA.

Danish Mobile

Denmark Mobile is a paper craft that has been popular since ancient times. We consistently stick to Made in Denmark from design to production, and now we have a wide variety of materials and designs. It is ideal for baby gifts, moving gifts, changing rooms, and can be installed easily in a rented house.

Nordic Gifts

It is a wooden doll brand that is handcrafted in the Estonian workshop rich in forest resources. There are pretty dolls inspired by Scandinavian culture, such as Vikings and girls wearing folk costumes.
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